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Saturday, August 4, 2012

A very refreshing cucumber based drink - Agua de Pepino!

Happy Saturday everyone! Here I am with something quick and very refreshing for a Hot Day of Summer (like today!)

In Mexico... We have lots of traditions involving food... and one of those things we, all Mexicans love (due to the predominantly HOT weather we experience in Mexico, I am sure) are: AGUAS FRESCAS

"Aguas Frescas" literal translation would be something like "Refreshing Waters" ... they are a soft drink... not bubbly, not sparkling... just mostly fruit based drinks... (some of them are made using rice and others using a vegetable!) and they are delicious! always made with fresh ingredients and sooo colorful!

The most traditional flavors are lime, cucumber, tamarind (my favorite), watermelon, horchata (made with rice... very popular, but I do not like it), mango, cantaloupe among others!

It's very common to see these served at parties (and even restaurants), they are usually displayed in big (very big) crystal clear containers that resemble a "barrel" and of course they are not alcoholic... they are sooo good!

Well... today I bring to you the recipe to make "Agua de Pepino" (the cucumber one) but remember! With most Mexican recipes it's all about your senses more than measurements! If you like something you add more of that! You taste, adjust and enjoy!

So... here's a recipe you can use as a base to start your "Agua de Pepino" but of course, as I said... you'll adjust to YOUR taste!

Agua de Pepino (serves about 8)

8 cups of water
4-6 green limes (depending how juicy they are, it should be about 1/3 cup of freshly squeezed juice)
1 good sized cucumber (with the peel and everything) cut in big chunks.
1/2 cup to 3/4 cups of sugar (or to taste)

Add 3 of the cups of water to your blender, blend with the rest of your ingredients until it's as smooth as possible, transfer to a bigger pitcher/jar and mix with the rest of the water. Chill it and serve it with lots of ice (never use cold water to blend the ingredients or the sugar won't really sweeten and you'll need to use more, it's even recommended to use some warm water to mix the ingredients first and then you can chill it afterwards)


© Paloma K.

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