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Saturday, August 11, 2012

I need your suggestions... should I change?

Good morning friends from "The Coffee Shop" I hope you are all doing well! Here I am ... enjoying this beautiful Saturday morning! I must admit I had planned to stay in bed a little (or a lot) longer but my little girls decided differently!

Anyway... Here I am today, after such a great participation from Tricia (our featured blogger yesterday) I am just so thankful for all the people who accept my invitation to be featured or send me their pictures on their own... it's a blessing also to have friends who join the party by linking up and some that even feel bad they couldn't link up because they were busy.. Thank you! I am honored with your friendship... BUT...

I am starting to wonder what's going on... I do have traffic going on on Fridays... well.. everyday but yesterday was a pretty good day with visitors stopping by ... and I am starting to wonder if Coffee Friday is probably not such a good idea as I thought... you know? I am not on a soap box or looking for people to feel bad and join because of that... I am honestly seeking for suggestions and feedback... so... my questions are:

- Should I change the coffee Friday party to another day? Maybe there are to many Friday Party link-ups out there already?
- Should I make the requirements different? I mean... I am not asking people to do anything "weird" to join (LOL!) basically just... if their post has the word "coffee" somewhere (and link back to us) is enough to link up... so... what do you suggest about that?
- I am working at contacting great bloggers and inviting them hoping they'll accept being featured and so far it's working good! but... is there anything that would be better than them sharing some "coffee pictures" / captions and a little about themselves and their blog?

Any other suggestions? I am scratching my head here wondering why it's not working as good... I know I must be patient too... probably I just need to keep this going for a longer time? 

I am also working everyday trying to help others by sharing their material on twitter and pinning it... replying to comments, visiting blogs, etc... I am working at building relationships! :)

-ehem- a harder question to ask... but is... my blog even... appealing at all? don't feel bad to answer honestly... or to even give some hints... :) I appreciate it all!

 So... what do you think? I am all ears! And open to receive feed back :)

Thank you!

© Paloma K.

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