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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

About our Link-Up Party

 Hello everybody! How are you doing? Here in "The Coffee Shop" we are getting ready for our Thursday Link Up Party Sweet Thursday If you want to join you just have to post about something "sweet" tomorrow in your blog (candy, chocolate, dessert, baked stuff anything like that!) and/or share the recipe for a dessert! (Sharing the recipe is not necessary but it would be great!!!) and then just link up with us! I'd really appreciate if you could also share our button:

The Coffee Shop

So more can join and make this a more FUN party! The more the merrier, isn't that right???

We had two great recipes last week! I hope we can have more with each passing week! As I said... it will not only be a GOOD party but a very beautiful one with all the beautiful pictures of good sweetness! :)

I will be sharing a great recipe too of course! (Trust me.... even if you don't link up you want to check that recipe out... did I mention that "chocolate" is the main ingredient???)

So... what do you say? Are you in?? I hope you are! and it will be great to see you every Thursday too!

Have a great day!

© Paloma King

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