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Monday, October 10, 2011

Happy Monday!

Good morning everybody! I hope you all had a great weekend! Let's start the week with happy/thankful thoughts, shall we? Please share with us about a good moment you had last week or something you are looking forward to during the week! anything you are thankful for? I am just very happy and thankful for my weekends lately, I mean.... In our near "past" hubby was working so many hours during the weekend too... and even when he was home he was always exhausted... I felt bad for him but I must say I also was sad we couldn't really enjoy much like a family, our weekends now are SO MUCH FUN just from having him with us!! and he even gives me (mommy) a break from the kids and things around the house! and yesterday hubby and I took a "Sunday nap" together... which we hadn't done in over 3 years (our oldest daughter is over 3 years... LOL!) ... Our little baby was sleeping and our oldest one did really great while we slept (it was actually a 2 hour nap) and she was content and just playing on her own! That was bliss! so... anything you'd like to share about? Remember "The Coffee Shop" is not only to talk about food and coffee (we do talk a lot about it and share recipes BUT it's just a virtual coffee shop, where you can talk about anything as you would with your friends!) ... so... share with us... and have a cup of coffee if you'd like!

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