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Monday, October 24, 2011

Great Monday!

 Hello everybody! Ready with your cup of coffee? Ready for a new week?? I know I am... I have a new day to enjoy! New mercy! A new week beginning! A great brand new opportunity to do things better, to love more, to work harder, to praise! ... How is your attitude this Monday? Don't start the week with complaints! Usually we set the pace for how things go for us! If you are going through some problem (because I understand bad things happen) don't isolate yourself... Seek for help... Go out with friends, talk to someone and don't dwell on the past, mistakes or on those things that cause you pain... I am not talking here about "positivism" or "good vibes" I am just saying that there is always something to be thankful for... I am sorry if you are going through hard times! If you are... let us know and we can talk with you... and even pray for you! And if you are not ... then don't "look for the little bad things" in everything! Just give thanks for how blessed you are! Sometimes our own selfishness makes us unhappy! We are so focused on ourselves that we become grumpy, dissatisfied! If we were busy helping someone else not only we would appreciate more what we have and be thankful for it but we would also get the satisfaction of having been there for someone in need... I just want us all to hopefully start our week as good as we possibly can! If you are having a hard time in your job... focus on the fact that you have a job when many people don't.... if you are a mom who is tired with the routine of always cleaning after your kids... just focus on the fact that you HAVE your kids with you! And praise God for it! Praise God for the mess! :) ... I've heard those years fly by! And I as I type I am also saying it to myself! Anyway... ready to start the week? Once again, like last time... I invite you to share something (or things) that you are thankful for today... even simple things:

For me today is:
- For a great weekend with the family (we went to an arboretum and got to see BEAUTIFUL things!)- just look at this:
 - Ok... now something else I am thankful for...  I forgot to thaw my meat for lunch yesterday and I knew we would be all starving after the church service and when we got to our apartment the club house had FREE pizza (LOL!) so... no cooking, no cleaning! YAY!
- And last but NOT least for awesome long talks with my hubby!

There is so much more... but I would never end!

What are YOU thankful for today? even if it is a cup of coffee... why not thank for it?

© Paloma

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