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Friday, October 21, 2011

Coffee Friday!

WElcome to "The Coffee Shop" whether it is your first time with us or not I want you to feel Welcomed in this virtual Coffee Shop! Our goal is for you to feel like you would among friends in your favorite Coffee Place.... of if you want to be on your own then that's ok... You can just read and relax... Find good atmosphere and why not? Great things to eat (we have wonderful recipes here) while you enjoy a cup of coffee! Not a cook? Then enjoy our Tuesdays of Jokes, Quotes and Facts about coffee... And if coffee is all you are looking for then you are in the right place! Today is "Coffee Friday" and we basically "serve your coffee" ... We share pictures of our cups of coffee with you! and hopefully you will want to share yours too... If you are interested in "hosting Coffee Friday" then just send your coffee-related pictures (and closed captions) to ... You don't need to be a "blogger" to do so... We'll still give you credit for the pics... And if YOU ARE a blogger we'll also ask you to write a small post that will be featured here in "The Coffee Shop" along with links to your favorite posts (within your blog of course). So do not be shy and join our "coffee Friday's" ...

Here is today's picture (mine)

The talking cup of coffee

There was a birthday party for hubby's grandpa and that cup of coffee was there... so lonely that it got my attention! It was looking at me.... enticing! Inviting! and I could almost hear it whispering my name! (disclaimer: I do not hear voices in my head or from "talking cups of coffee" but if you love coffee as much as I do you understand what I am talking about!) ... HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND!

© Paloma King

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