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Friday, October 7, 2011

Coffee Friday!

As you know I've been saying that Coffee Friday is coming! And it is! The official re-start for our Coffee Fridays will be in November... But I will start posting "Coffee Related Pictures" today and each coming Friday so you have an idea of what it is all about! The difference will be when YOU send your own Coffee pictures for them to be published here you'll be all in charge of "serving Coffee" that day :) ... What you need to do is send your Coffee-related picture to with a "closed caption" and a post telling us a little about yourself, your blog or why you love blogging and/or coffee... anything you want to share will be welcome! So your picture and your blog will be featured in "The Coffee Shop", also make sure you send a link to one of your favorite posts of your blog... So you will get people to know more about you and your blog!  ... Your pictures will be part of our "Coffee Friday Schedule" and I'll let you know via e-mail when your picture will be appearing here!

Join us then! Let's have fun and share a "cup of coffee" ...

Here is Today's "Coffee Friday Picture" to give you an example of what you can send! Remember.. you can be as creative as you want... The picture can be of coffee beans, mugs, coffee shops, coffee stains, funny t-shirts that say something about coffee, etc...

Today (your name here) from (Your blog's name/link here) will be in charge of coffee.

(Your post here.... about one or two paragraphs and a link to one of your favorite posts in your blog)

And then your picture instead of this one
(Your closed caption)
Make sure you visit (Your name here) and thank her/him for sharing her/his coffee with us today!
So I hope you start sending your pictures! Thank you for being part of "The Coffee Shop"

Note: No inappropriate language/pictures will be published. We reserve the right to publish the article or not.
© Paloma King

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