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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Chocolate chip Cookies - FAIL!

In Mexico we have a saying "Al mejor cazador se le va la liebre" - "Even the best hunter will miss a rabbit" ... And of course I am far from being the best cook... but I feel like at least CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES are something I have "mastered" by now! And yes... I am actually very proud of my chocolate chip cookies but last night I just wasn't feeling like baking... I am fighting a cold (or that's how I feel)... and I just wasn't "inspired"... Plus hubby is sick and I made him some "caldo de Pollo" (Mexican Chicken soup) to make him feel better and I thought "Chocolate Chip Cookies" would be the Cherry on top of the cake that would help him recover! Not that they have medicinal properties! LOL! ... But LOVE does help heal! Doesn't it? So... regardless of all the "signs" I got telling me I shouldn't bake I still went for it... My 9 month old baby was tired and cranky by the time and she was crawling around my feet I kept  being distracted!! Then... I finally managed to start scooping the "cookie dough" on my baking sheets... of course I had to start eating cookie dough by then! (who can resist?) when this thought came to my mind all of a sudden "You shouldn't eat dough that has raw eggs in it" ... and that's when it hit me! RAW EGGS? RAW EGGS!!! I hadn't added the eggs to my batter! I felt like crying! (how dramatic! But forgive me! I was in one of those days where you just feel like crying even over "chocolate chip cookies without eggs!" ... I didn't know what to do... I KNEW adding eggs at this point wasn't a choice... But hubby, seeing my frustration suggested I'd "give it a try" and so I did.... let's just say that not only I wasted flour, chocolate chips, sugars, vanilla and butter but I also wasted 2 EGGS! which could've been saved if I hadn't added them when I knew I just shouldn't! It's funny I am posting this just after my previous post when I was making fun of myself and my "beginnings" in the baking field! Anyway... moral of the story??? Never bake when you just KNOW you are not feeling well... not feeling like baking and when you have a 9 month old baby crawling around you! .... and if you do ... just... DON'T FORGET THE EGGS!!! and if YOU DO... don't add them at the end.... at least save the eggs! - You can laugh now Auntie Sally! -

Hubby showing some"sacrificial love" ate two, they still ended in the trash

© Paloma King


Emily Fiore said...

Sometimes we just have days like that, don't we? Where we just need to cry - even over chocolate chip cookies w/ no eggs in them. :) The thing that can comfort us is His Word and good Christian friends! Praise God for both!

Paloma said...

True Emily! Praise God for both His Word and Good Christian Friends! and praise God that we can always try all over again! ... Last night I made chocolate chip cookies and they were PERFECT! ;)