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Monday, October 31, 2011

Cold Monday!

Good morning everybody! I hear it is cold in many different places already and here in Texas our mornings have been a little cold too! Right now we are 49F (I know that's not even cold for some people! LOL!) but anyways! I just want to start the week with a Happy Thankful thought! Just like I am trying to do every morning! And praise God for something! And today I just want to praise Him for His creation! Thank God for seasons, changes and for chilly mornings! You, whoever you are, if you are reading this post it means that you have a computer and that makes me assume you have shelter, so I guess we both have something to be thankful for! Don't you think?

And for hot coffee... to make those chilly mornings even more enjoyable!

so... how do you want to start your week? In spite of the circumstances we all have a choice! What are you choosing today?

Go ahead! grab a cup of coffee, hot chocolate or something cold if you want or if you are reading from a place where it is warm right now... and choose a good attitude! Trust me... not only YOU will have a better week but also those around you! Our mood is contagious... what are you spreading?

© Paloma King

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