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Monday, October 17, 2011

Happy Monday!

Good Monday everyone! The week is starting so let's start it right! Let's not begin to whine about it "being Monday" or how much we hate to do this or that... most of the time we are the ones setting the tone for the rest of the week with our attitude! Why not have a grateful/joyful attitude? I know it's hard sometimes.... I know it's easy to complain... besides... everyone else is doing it! right? We don't want to be the "weird ones" who are all happy and pumped up to start a new week! But let's be those "freaks" that are just happy to have a new day to live, thankful to God for giving us a whole new fresh page in our lives to write on! an hey! it comes with NEW MERCY too! So... Let's just be thankful for that and focus on the good instead of the bad... I constantly think that if we spent as much energy and time THANKING for the good things as we do worrying or complaining for the "bad things" in life... we wouldn't really have much time to complain (or maybe we wouldn't even dare to do it!) because we would have a whole new perspective of things! so... anyway... Just mention with me... today ... 3 THINGS (anything) that you are thankful for! Come on! Don't be shy! Even if it's not something "big" or that others might consider "Important" ... Let's do it!

Let me go first: (They don't have to be the things you are MOST THANKFUL FOR IN LIFE... they can just be simple day to day things sometimes you don't even care to thank for but that you acknowledge they make your life... just... better)

  • Spices
  • My vintage coffee cups (we got them at a Christmas gift exchange)
  • Temperature below 100's !

See? It's not that hard! And stop by next Monday also! so you can see what others are thankful for and also if you need a little extra "push" to change your "Monday attitude" ...Would you share with us!?

 © Paloma King

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