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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Coffee with Real ONLINE friends

Who said you can't really make friends online? Who said you can't have a real connection with someone you have never seen in person? I know that wasn't me! I wake up every day with someone I first met online! We pretty much got married on the  7th time we saw each other! You might think I am crazy but I think that many times (not in all cases! So... KIDS BE CAREFUL) but I think you can really get to know someone even better when you are not distracted by appearances (good or bad) and you can even talk in a deeper way (many times) when you are just opening your heart without seeing the reactions of the people's face and then "changing what you were originally going to say" because you realized they "didn't like it very much" just by their body language...

I could go on and on right now about the "safety steps" you need to take to have a real, honest, committed online relationship but that's not today's topic... Today I am just going to say that I'll get to make new friends tomorrow! Through Gevalia's Beanchat! It is very cool! We have fun, talk about lots of stuff, and the hour passes TOO QUICK! I am going to be hosting the BeanChat and there are GIVEAWAYS there too! so you can get to have a great time, meet new people (who also love coffee!) and get some coffee at your door for free! Just from having a good time!

So... If you want to support me and have a good time... I encourage you to go to: Gevalia Coffee FB page LIKE THEM and then Click on BEANCHAT tomorrow Thursday 5/24 at 9 a.m. Central! (you can find the Beanchat Link directly on their page too)  I know you'll have fun!

Don't forget I have another giveaway HERE TOO! It's a 25.00 USD Gift Card.

So... Let's have a great time with GEVALIA! and my great friend Liz ... who is someone else I've come to know and really love... all online!

© Paloma K.


Trish said...

I met my boyfriend online, on accident! We were following each other on Twitter and would chat back and forth casually and something more just kind of developed. Neither of us were looking for it or even really wanted it! But it was undeniable. 3+ years later and we're still going strong :)

Paloma said...

Very funny Trish! Now we have something in common! ;)I'm glad you are still together and happy! :)

Unknown said...

love it! what a great post! It's so great that you've built some meaningful relationships online! I love the blogging community! love your blog and have just joined it!
would love a visit when you can at

Unknown said...

Of course i read this post Thursday afternoon! Oh man... today i am going to try your Mocha Frappe recipe you posted on here. Can't wait!

My best, Lynn

Paloma said...

Thanks Lynn! It's great to see you HERE again! :) Let me know how that recipe went! ;)