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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Thanksgiving Made Simple - Part II

Hello everybody! First of all let me tell you that I've been really busy, just with great stuff, with my girls, friends, Bible Study, etc... Yesterday we even went to a Pumpkin Patch/Farm ... it's Texas so it's more like a "Texan Ranch" ... I miss Wisconsin all the time but fall... well... fall makes me even more nostalgic! Yesterday we reached 90 degrees outside with over 90% humidity! So you can imagine it didn't have a "Fall" feel! but we still had lots of fun!

 So, that was that... Now... I want to remind you of our Coffee Friday Party tomorrow! We are in for a treat! Our featured blogger has prepared a great post and just a delicious cup of coffee to share with us! Make sure you mention coffee somewhere in your posts this week and also, remember to make sure your post links back to us, just add a link to "The Coffee Shop" or if you want to you can add the Coffee Friday Party Button that appears on my right sidebar! just grab the html code and paste it in your post.

Now... I will continue to share my "Thanksgiving Ideas and Tips" for an enjoyable Thanksgiving Dinner! You can host it! Trust me! It's all good! The host/hostess deserves to enjoy Thanksgiving too and not just be "Thankful" when "everything is over! If you missed the First Posts of this series click here and if you want to see my Thanksgiving "Menu Idea" click here

Grandma' Huebschen ... A "Thanksgiving Expert" ... Such a beautiful Lady!

 6. Be Thankful! - Ok... I know that was my first point in the previous "Thanksgiving Post" but I feel I can never say this enough (even for myself)! Focus on what you're thankful for and have the right attitude about it! Instead of worrying about the dishes to wash, thank God for having food that allows you to have those dirty dishes, Thank Him for the running water in your sink! Don't take it for granted! Thank God for the kitchen you have where you can prepare a meal instead of focusing on the "counters you'd love to replace" or stress over the "appliances you'd love to have" ... I find it very interesting that the more people have the more stressed and even depressed they seem to be... we're not "entitled" to all these blessings! God is Good... and yes, bad things happen, I don't know the exact situation and circumstances you're going through... but don't blame Him for the bad... we live in a corrupted world! He is not the source of evil, death and disease, but He is good and even in a bad world, we can enjoy all kinds of Blessings because of Him! ... when we go through something like a "party or holiday" it's weird that instead of enjoying it, it seems to cause us "pain"... just have fun with it! do your best.. and like Beth Moore would say (I got this from her Bible Study "on James") "Do only what Blesses and not what Burdens" ... so true! Don't try to live up to Martha Stewart's standards... just try to enjoy your family, enjoy food, enjoy the fellowship and His goodness.

7. Make Room! - Start getting things organized in your fridge/freezer ahead of time... I don't know about you but I have a crazy, weird refrigerator! LOL! ... I live in an apartment so I don't have an extra freezer or anything to store! So... I know I'll have to keep my fridge pretty empty and organized so I can have room to store leftovers and also for the things I am making ahead of time that will need to be refrigerated (pies, sauces, etc.) ... If that's your case, make sure you don't go "grocery shopping" right before Thanksgiving and then you find out you don't have room to store prepared meals, etc.

8. Don't reinvent the wheel - I'd recommend you to not try new recipes for your Dinner! ... If you have the time and there's a really great recipe you'd love to try (like the ones you can always find here at "The Coffee Shop") then I'd suggest you to try making them ahead of time to make sure they are what you expect and so you can check how long it takes *you* to make it. That way if it doesn't really 'work' for you then it isn't that big of a loss.

9. Only what you enjoy - If you don't like sweet potatoes (like me) or Pumpkin Pie even! Don't include them! Do only what you know everyone will enjoy and don't stress about it! I know they are like "must haves" but ... they really aren't... Maybe with the "time you save" from not making it you can focus on perfecting those dishes you know everyone loves!

10. Wear comfortable Shoes! - LOL! If you have never hosted Thanksgiving or if you've never enjoyed it before and you've decided to do it for the first time or to finally enjoy it too... Then ... Make sure you're wearing comfortable shoes! I know you want to look good but make sure you're comfortable... throw those high heels in the closet, at least while you're prepping and cooking it all... You can put them on when you join everybody too eat, etc.

11. Go to bed early the night before - When I know something is going to happen here at home (holiday/party/people over, etc.) I try to enjoy a relaxing time the night before and get a good night of sleep to be refreshed in the morning. I enjoy a piece of dessert, watch a funny (nothing stressful) movie or show and then just go to bed.

12. Let people help you! - I have very little ones... But if you have older kids, let them help you! I must
admit I am a very controlling person and I feel like "if I don't do it, it won't be right" but ... if your older kids and/or friends want to help, be specific and tell them what they can do! Prepare ahead of time a list of things that others could do! that are easy but time consuming.  On my first thanksgiving I had my SIL peel the hard eggs for the deviled eggs and my sister I think I had her watch my girls! I can't do it all! And I don't have to! I am sure I am not the only one!

There are many more tips coming... some great ones... trust me! But I have to stop for now... so you can actually (and hopefully) read it!

I hope you're taking note on these very simple things that will make sure YOU, THE HOST/HOSTESS, will enjoy a wonderful Thanksgiving as well!

 © Paloma K.

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