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Friday, October 12, 2012

Coffee Friday - From a sweet-heart!

Welcome to another Coffee Friday! Make yourself right at home and just prepare to enjoy because we're in for a treat! My sweet friend Anne (and now also fellow baker from "The Cake Slice" Baking Group) is our featured blogger today! her blog is just this sweet spot in the blogsphere that you truly do not want to miss! She has the most beautiful and yummy looking desserts! I drool over my keyboard just looking at the pictures of the amazing things she puts together! She is truly an artist and guess what? Have you ever found people that are successful with their blogs but won't even acknowledge you and for some reason you stop going over and over without ever even receiving a "hi there!" well... that's not the case with Anne! She is warm and welcoming! She is friendly and kind! She does everything to support you and is excited to get to know fellow bloggers... so please stop by her blog (which by the way can't have a more appropriate name): From My Sweetheart and get to know her better!

Now... that I've introduced you to this wonderful lady... I'll let her speak for herself with the special treat she's prepared specifically for us today:

- o - o - o -

Hello Friends!  I’m Anne.  I’m a baker, writer, budding photographer, mom and health care professional in Washington, D.C.  I’m so happy to be here visiting Paloma for Coffee Friday!   I write a blog called From My Sweet Heart.  It’s where I express my joy for dessert and sweet and savory baking.  What better to go with a cup of coffee!  I must admit, though I usually enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning, I am not a coffee connoisseur.  I actually remember my first cup of coffee.  It was in a home economics class I took when I was in the 7th grade.  Our teacher taught us to make it with half coffee and half cream.  And that’s exactly how I like it today!  I decided to share a dessert coffee with everyone today.  It’s one that you all have probably had at one time or another and can be varied in so many ways.   

This is so simple to make.  It’s a scoop of your favorite gelato, with a shot of amaretto and a shot of espresso.  I’ve crumbled amaretti cookies on top of mine.  It’s an easy, warm, cool, creamy and crunchy dessert! I would bet you would have many ingredients on hand already so that you can throw this together at the last minute and vary this in so many ways. You can use any flavor of gelato or ice cream you desire.  You can substitute a shot of Bailey’s or Kahlua.  You can top it with chocolate covered coffee beans or whipped cream and a dusting of cocoa!  And it’s a lovely pick me up on a beautiful fall afternoon!

Some of my other coffee creations include:

I love Paloma and her concept of sharing ‘everything coffee’ together.  I can’t think of a better way to celebrate Fridays than with coffee and friends.  And I look forward to visiting and linking up often!  Thanks for having me Paloma!  I look forward to baking with you and The Cake Slice Bakers and to sharing many more cups of coffee together!  Have a great weekend everyone!

- o - o - o -

Wasn't that nice? I hope you're THERE already! Please stop by From My Sweet Heart and say hi to Anne! Thank her for sharing a delicious cup of coffee with us today!

© Paloma K.

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