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Monday, October 1, 2012

Fall decorations - Apartment Appropriate!

Hello friends! I just finished my first cup of coffee of the day... and I am excited to start a new week here with all of you!

I hope you had a great and refreshing weekend! I sure enjoyed it... and last night was great because we had friends over for coffee and cake... It sure is awesome to enjoy the company of great friends! So blessed!

Today, and continuing with the "Fall Theme" I thought I would share the small decorations I JUST placed here in our home... We live in an apartment for now, so our decor needs to stay simple to not overcrowd the place... Just a few touches that show "It is Fall" in here!  (plus lots of baking in the kitchen) to create a great atmosphere!

 So... here are the few things I made, with very inexpensive materials and some other items I already had here at home!

1. For the table: I just bought a single, pumpkin scented candle, for 1.00 USD and a small candle holder for the same price! I also bought a bouquet of artificial fall leaves to use for all the little decorations I made and glued them to the candle holder. Ideal for a smaller table!

For our table, a candle in a candle holder with some "Fall leaves" glued for the "Fall effect"

2. On the kitchen counter: I bought a bag with assorted, natural, miniature pumpkins  ($2.98), used some of the leaves of the same bouquet I bought and also used the net where the pumpkins were packaged for a more "country/farm" style... I placed it all on this tray that I already had (which originally held bigger rectangular candles)

For the kitchen counter dividing the kitchen from the dining room
 3. I don't know where this one will end up but I basically just added the rest of the assorted miniature pumpkin thingies in this vase which I love it because it is just a smooth, simple cilinder, which can also be filled with walnuts, pecans, etc... or cinnamon sticks, or wheat... whatever you'd like to give a "fall" look... I use it for flowers during spring and summer! and taped some leaves on the bottom of the vase.

I don't know if this one will stay on the counter, but we'll see

I probably should've cleared the counter from everything else before taking the pic

 So there you have it... just very simple and very, very inexpensive ideas to make your own fall decorations... Especially if you have an apartment or a smaller house where you don't feel like big decorations would go well!

I hope you like it!

© Paloma K.

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