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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Coldstone and Michael's kitchen

Good morning and Happy Sunday everyone!

Thanks for the great response to our last Coffee Friday! It was a lot of fun! I am also so thankful to have your "get well" wishes and prayers for my daughter... I will tell you more about what we are testing once we get the results....

I wanted to share some pics with you... Last night hubby, our girl, and I went on a date to Coldstone... Hubby had "chocolate devotion" and I had "cheesecake fantasy" ... I think I should've had the chocolate devotion one... it looked really good... but at least the cheesecake fantasy had strawberries and blueberries so I could share those with our daughter, it was so much fun!

Here is a picture of hubby giving her some chocolate ice cream:

Looks cute, doesn't it? well, that is just because I couldn't get the picture right after this... Natalia spit it all out, it seems she didn't like "chocolate ice cream" .... it's not a big deal.... As I don't want her to eat too much sweets but it was funny though! I thought she would love chocolate ice cream, I should've known better, since she loves chewing celery and eating broccoli, carrots, zucchini, etc... I guess I should not ruin that!

Something else I am very happy about... is our new follower Michael... He sent me an e-mail because he wants to be part of our Coffee Friday feature... he grabbed "The Coffee Shop" button and his blog is just DELICIOUS, his latest posts are all related to chocolate and I am sure you can't resist that! So, go stop by his blog, you will not regret it ... "Michael's Kitchen"

Ok... I have to get ready because it's getting late for church... Hubby is preaching today :D


Ginny Marie said...

I think it's so funny that Natalia spit out her ice cream! My girls just love chocolate ice cream, and I wish they didn't!

I was thinking about you this weekend--I was up a lot last night with my youngest daughter, and was able to take her to the doctor this morning...she has an ear infection. It's soooo not fun!

I hope all the test results are good news, and that you had a wonderful weekend!

Paloma said...

Yes Ginny! It is really weird she didn't like it... but that's fine! like you said....they might like it too much! LOL!

So you were thinking about me? Ear infections are not fun but Natalia is doing much better... Praise God! We just got the results yesterday and she doesn't have Diabetes insipidus (that was the fear) it is not glucose related or insuline problems... it's just excessive thirst that never ends... the body does not retain any water.... and it's a condition for life... So we are really happy she doesn't have that

She is still drinking too much water but it might be something behavioral, so, there will be just another test done to discard any other possibility and if this new test is negative for anything else we just need to discipline and restrict her water intake... we think that's all there is to it....

I did have a great weekend by the way! How was yours!?