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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Coffee Friday... and a giveaway!

Hello dear friends, my baby girl is still sick, she got better but she now has some fever and a cold, thanks for the words of encouragement, support and prayers... please continue to pray for her.

We still had to have our "Coffee Friday" here at "The Coffee Shop" plus a giveaway to say "Thanks" for being patient with me as I haven't been able to comment so much lately.... I want to be back on track in my blogging life... but it hasn't been possible... so bear with me!

Our picture for the day comes from my "group fotolog" ... Fotolog is a page where you can upload a daily picture of anything you want, there are some group fotologs (like mine) that can have a determined theme and others can upload pictures to it... so I administer one dedicated exclusively to coffee... and here is the picture shared by "Monse" (one of the visitors of my fotolog):

I truly loved the picture! Isn't it neat? and now... the giveaway:




I sorry to hear about you baby girl I hope she get well soon.

Sharlene T. said...

It's not easy being a Mommy with a sick child. Take care of yourself, too. I know! Why don't you have a nice cup of coffee and some toast with cinnamon-sugar on it! Have a great day.

Carrie said...

I'm sorry that your little girl is still sick. I hope she is better very soon.
I'm glad I didn't miss Coffee Friday!
I hope you have a blessed weekend!

Missy said...

I hope your little girl gets better soon!

Farmhouse Fixers said...

I blogged about your fantastic meal today!!! = )

Rebecca Orr said...

Public follower.

Sorry to hear about your little one. Hope she gets better soon.

bekki1820cb at gmail

Rebecca Orr said...

Facebook fan: bekki orr
bekki1820cb at gmail

Rebecca Orr said...

Have your button:

bekki1820cb at gmail

Merry said...

Hope your little girl is better soon! Thanks for visiting my blog!