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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

New Starbucks Flavor - Vanilla Frappuccino Light!

Hello my friends! :) How are you doing today? I hope yesterday's quotes inspired you to love, to smile, to enjoy and forget about any anxiety...

Before I tell you about the new flavor of Starbucks.... I want to let you know about my daughter's test results.... I want to praise God because they were all great, they were testing for "diabetes insipidus" it has nothing to do with sugar or insuline but it is still scary.... It is a life time condition that prevents the body from keeping any fluid, the person is always thirsty and there are excessive amounts of urine... My daughter had those symptoms but Thank God she is fine.... And she is actually drinking less water now and she is not desperately thirsty as she was.... I know it is God who keeps her healthy... To Him be the Glory!

 2 Bless the LORD, O my soul, 
    And forget not all His benefits:
 3 Who forgives all your iniquities,
         Who heals all your diseases,
 4 Who redeems your life from destruction,
         Who crowns you with lovingkindness and tender mercies, (Psalm 103:2-4, New King James Version)


And now about Starbucks... Yesterday I received an e-mail from "Mary Ann" on behalf of Starbucks.... She made nice comments about the quotes yesterday (Thanks Mary Ann, I am glad you enjoyed them) and she also let me know that Starbucks has recently introduced a new flavo,r let me actually quote what she has to say about this new beverage:

"Vanilla Frapucchino Light - This rich beverage contains 50% fewer calories and 60% less sugar than their classic Vanilla flavor, making it that much easier to justify the indulgence!"

 She is also inviting bloggers to post an image on Monday about some time in the past week that they were able to sneak away from their hectic life for a bit of relaxation even if only for 5 minutes. It could be a photo of yourself, an illustration, a picture of your cat- anything.  I am taking the challenge and I might even follow this project as a "tradition" for "The Coffee Shop" I think every picture I post might have a cup of coffee in it! j/k... Anyway I think I will post a picture every Monday about it!

So, That's it for today! I hope you have a wonderful Wednesday.... Mary Ann said they would send me a sample of their new Frappuccino.... once I try it I will let you know what I think!



Unknown said...

I'm going to have to look up the exact calories in this concoction! I love me some vanilla or caramel stuff from Starbucks but have avoided that the last few months trying to cut back on unnecessary calories! Thanks for sharing!

And Paloma - that girl of yours is just precious!! I'm thinking arranged marriage??? her and mine? He is a red head though...hmm...I wonder if we could manage a dark skinned red headed grandbaby??? Hehe...

Love ya gal!

Sharlene T. said...

As many times as I've been in Starbucks, I just can't get past the regular coffee! Guess I'm just too old, now...don't want to have to make decisions to relax...

Ginny Marie said...

I'm so happy the test results were normal! God is good!

One of my friends just told me they love new chocolate cherry mocha, and I think I'll have to try that first!

Missy said...

PTL!! I am so glad that your daughter is going to be okay!

MMMM...I love Frappuccino's in the summer. This will make it even sweeter!

Paloma said...

K: I hope you enjoy the new flavor .... guilt free! ;)

and about arranging a marriage LOL! You are so funny! That would definitely be one interesting looking grandbaby ;) Love you too!!!

Sharlene: Hubby is the same way... I convinced him to have a mocha the other day though and he loved it... baby steps! :)

Ginny: Thanks my friend! I am so happy too about the results.... That chocolate cherry mocha sounds great... There is a giveaway coming on Monday (Starbucks courtesy) so you might have your cherry mocha for free if you are part of it!

Missy: Thank you! PTL indeed :) .... I love Frappuccinos too!!! even in winter! LOL!



bj said...

ummm, sounds great.
Did you ever think about that suggestion of having a Coffee Party each week with a Mr. Linky so we could all "play"? So many coffee lovers out here...
Have a good day..O, and it is a blessing indeed, that your little girl is doing so well.
xo bj