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Friday, February 20, 2015

THM Tip of the Week - for OVEREATERS

This has been an interesting week for me... I'm sorry my blog has had to experience being neglected... My social media life is almost non-existent. I'm going through major GREAT changes in my life and even when they're awesome, they are a bit overwhelming! I am thankful and humbled... God is good! I will share more as things are more solidified but... it's awesome (and scary, well... for me! just don't think I am pregnant... I am not.)

Anyway... Most of my tips right now are directed to THM Beginners that are still trying to figure things out but if you are a THM "veteran" you might still benefit (hopefully) from my tips... here I go:

Today I have several tips, these are specifically for those of us... who... tend to... um... ehem... eat compulsively and don't know when or how to stop overeat

First of all... if you are like me you get frustrated, confused and hate the following phrases

- In moderation (HOW DO YOU MEASURE THAT?)

- Eat until satisfied not full! (Hey! I am not satisfied unless I'm full!!!)

- Don't count calories but "those are too many" 

When I first joined Trim Healthy Mama and read the book for the first time... I felt hopeful and yet a bit confused about some terms.... I found that the book mentions not to count calories but yet... written in the same book.... oh so casually... things like "calories do matter" .... and yet again... "don't worry about calories, we love high caloric meals" and later again another phrase saying "to avoid extra calories" I thought I was going to go completely insane...

The book is honestly, genuinely necessary for this journey! I am not saying the book is wrong... I am saying that ... for people like me... phrases like "just eat them in moderation" don't mean anything and they can be a "scary" rather than "freeing" thing.... Hey! When I've been on other diets I've never been "trusted" with "how much food I can eat!!!" ... What a scary feeling! For me... eating in moderation means not eating the whole chicken like I actually want to! .... For me... eating until satisfied means... that I EAT UNTIL I AM FULL! Because hey! I will NOT be satisfied UNLESS I AM FULL! There... I said it!

So.... what's the trick? If you are like me... CAN YOU DO THIS?


THM does have specific limits for some meals... like E meals 20-45 grams of carbs and only 1 tsp. of fat.... or S meals only 10 grams of carbs (and keep your grains with your E meals, those belong there preferably except for the exception of some low carb items that should, also be limited to about 1 a week if anything) or only 1/2 avocado in an S meal... I dance and enjoy and thrive within those limits... but how about the "limitless fat in an S meal?" how about "eat until satisfied" cases?

Well.... here are my tips:

1. Don't stress too much about it! I know, I know.... it's hard! I am a little obsessive and I want to know exact amounts too... but... don't stress about it... even if you do, in fact, go a little overboard with how much chicken you are eating, it's still not your "sugar overload" the "limitless sugar loaded ice cream you used to eat" "endless chips and salsa or bread sticks" ... you are still making awesome changes that will indeed make a difference in your health.

1. Make a pause! .... After you eat your plate of food and you feel like you want to go to the kitchen get more and more and more... go to the kitchen and instead fill a cup with water, add some ice, drink it, enjoy it and allow yourself to realize that maybe you are already satisfied... if not... then go ahead, eat more.... that glass of water will help you not go too far either.

2. Fill your plate with non-starchy veggies... That feeling of abundance and still eating a lot... will be met... as we learn to "make peace with food" and we learn to control our weird emotional urges to eat like we are never going to be able to eat this... ever... ever again.... I invite you to fill your plate up with lots of veggies... Yes... we do want to fight gluttony and excess... but as we learn to calm those urges down... to have more joy and peace with food and realize it's not our enemy... and those feelings of anxiety towards food quiet down... make better choices on your plate... maybe in the future you'll be so in control about it all that you won't need to overeat at all.... who knows... it's just hopeful thinking here *wink*

3. If it helps you and you can do it... keep a food journal, I know it helps me.... I love Myfitnesspal, not necessarily to "measure" but just to have a visual, in writing of what I ate through the day.... the more I feel comfortable the less I feel the need to do it but I get back at it when I feel I need that re-assurance again.

4. Pray before you eat... I am adding it to the end... but... it's a first!... give God thanks for the blessing of food... and every day with every meal... surrender that to Him... that aspect of your life, give it to Him....

Do not be afraid... You can do this! Trust me... If I can you can! and if you need some more encouragement, accountability or just a pal! Meet me here on my blog or at my FB page, leave comments, questions or even prayer requests. I'll love to hear from you!

So... as you can see the authors of the book were right to give us the freedom and the reins of how "much we eat" in some cases... I leave you with this to reflect on it:

"All things are lawful unto me, but all things are not expedient: all things are lawful for me, but I will not be brought under the power of any." - 1 Corinthians 6:12

© Paloma K.

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3 comments: said...

Hi Paloma....great tips here and it seems you have your weight management under control! (It's never easy for me!). Looking forward to reading your good news. I've been meaning to write you, so look for an email from me this weekend! Miss you! : )

Sharon Roselli said...

Wow thank you for putting into words my fears about eating the thm way. I feel better knowing that others have the same issues. Blessings to you and yours on this journey towards health.

Anonymous said...

TY for your THM tips!! I am so glad I found your blog!