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Thursday, February 5, 2015

Baked oatmeal, earth milk and lots of love

Hello everybody! I don't know exactly what I was waiting to try the wonderful baked oatmeal recipe from Mrs. Dirinda! If you are not on the Trim Healthy Mama FB groups you probably don't know who I am talking about.... but I can tell you... she's super awesome! I love her encouraging posts, her upbeat attitude, her willingness to share with everyone and help us all! Hey... there are so many wonderful ladies in that group I can't even mention names because it would be a long list. I am making great solid friendships... like with beautiful Teresia from Nana's Little Kitchen, Vikki Rey (she's now my fb friend on my personal account too!), Dally T (who I think just started on this journey but she's a fighter, she goes with everything...  I know she's going to succeed!) and I enjoy her posts and comments very much.... well... many wonderful people like that and many others that I look forward to getting to know even more like amazing Briana Thomas who is wise beyond her years, love her strength, faith, peacefulness and her food!!! or Sarah from Mrs. Criddle's Kitchen who is welcoming and thoughtful, Jennifer from A Home with a Purpose... administrator extraordinaire, loving and caring... and... I told you! Don't get me started with the names or I'll never end! They're all a great bunch!

Anyway... My point here is that after what I now know was TOO LONG... I made Mrs. Dirinda's delicious, scrumptious and oh so filling! Baked Oatmeal ... If you haven't tried it ... you are missing out!!! that stuff is yummy! I don't know why I waited so long to try it! The recipe calls for almond milk and I made it with cashew milk, but everything else I followed to the T! I can't wait to try the so many variations that exist or that I can create as well! This one is a keeper!

Oatmeal... I love you!

I've been such a good girl today that I also made "Earth Milk" ... Thank God for my wonderful Ninja Blender

You could say "I'm on a roll"... it was simple to make and it's so good to be able to chug your veggies when you want to add more into your daily intake! But "drinking earth milk" is NOT something you HAVE TO DO on this plan... You can if you want to... you don't NEED it to succeed... I liked it but I must admit it doesn't look like the most inviting of drinks you'll have on plan! (It's really not bad though... and it's charged with super foods!) If you've been on THM and haven't made it yet... Try it... The recipe is in the book on page 425 ... What? You don't have the book? Amazon has it for cheaper now... This is a BEST SELLER for a reason. It is a great investment!

If you are still not convinced on why you need the book if you can get "all the info you need" off of pinterest, the groups, the charts, etc... you really are in for a disappointment... The information will not make sense, you will end up confused, frustrated and feeling like "this doesn't work either"... I go into more depth on why you need the book here and here

Well... I hope I convinced you to take a step on the right direction... whether it is to try a new recipe, to buy the book, to join the facebook group ... anything!  

And you...

Paloma K.

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