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Sunday, March 1, 2015

THM Week Recap and Tip of the Week

Hello friends! Ah! I feel like I have neglected my blog and even friendships in the social media world so much! It seems that I can only get 1 post a week and that's even sometimes hard! Why? I don't know... it seems like I am in the midst of a cloud right now... Filled with so much excitement and at the same time in expectation of what's to come that I am almost paralyzed... but everything is going well... I can give you a little bit of the news in advance though... Just because I can't wait any longer and just because I know you won't tell anyone (LOL!)

So... hubby wrote a book... and it will finally be published in March (God willing) the book is based on the book of Job....  his suffering... faith... everything! I don't want to spoil it for you! Whether you're going through suffering, you went through it, a friend of you is going through it and you don't know how to comfort or what to say... you must read this book! I must say it is pretty amazing... I am a very honest, objective critic... particularly of those I love... and ... this book (and the many times I've read the manuscript) has touched my heart and made me see the situation differently than the way I used to when I've read the book of Job before...  and I just got stuck in the questions of "why did God bring Job up?" or "Why was God even talking to Satan?" It truly is NOT your typical "explanation" on the book of Job or "justification" for the things that happened to him ... wait... I shouldn't share more... you should read it. So... yeah... .. There are other things going on ... very exciting as well but... that's one that I can start sharing a bit for now....

Would you be in prayer for us with it all? Thank YOU!!!

Now... Trim Healthy Mama, right? Well... Usually tending to do  a lot of  some emotional eating... Going through these things in life (even good events can trigger such bad habits) has made it a little harder to not spend the whole day eating, munching, "just tasting" a little bit... So... here comes the tip of the week:

Eat enough and drink your "sippers"

So... yes, eat enough when you have your meals/snacks... Don't skip meals and make sure you have a good batch of Good Girl Moonshine or The Shrinker ... There are other THM meals but those two really help me when I am craving something and I am just in the need of putting something in my mouth... They calm those cravings down and make me feel like I am still "having fun" (yes, I also eat just because it's fun!).... Make sure you buy a good Raw Apple Cider Vinegar I buy this one and it you're still not that crazy about the flavor, play with the recipe a little... I have so much fun varying the flavors... I buy a good box of your favorite teas I absolutely love these until you find your "cup of tea" ... get it? cup of... ? ok... maybe too predictable LOL!

Anyway... that's my tip of the day... If you're just starting on Trim Healthy Mama and you were used to having flavored drinks/juices or soda.. and you're kind of bored of water (I absolutely LOOOOVE water but I know it's not that easy for everyone to drink the recommended amount) then you have to try these drinks that will absolutely hydrate you, make you feel fuller and will also send to your brain that message of 'I am doing something healthy, I don't want to ruin it with chips' that will help you stay on track without it actually being hard... or at least I think so...

Now... if you kind of want to take a look to the things that I've been eating this week... well here I go:

Hopefully these will inspire you:

Cheesecake Berry Crunch: (- S - Trim Healthy mama Book page 373)

Fried Chicken Strips (S) and cauliflower rice (Breading for chicken strips: Salt pepper your chicken strips, pass them through coconut flour, then egg/half-half mixture and then coat with a mix of ground pork rinds and almond flour, fry in coconut oil)

Turkey Bean Soup (E), this time I actually used venison, you can also substitute the meat with chicken breast... here is the recipe: Recipe here

Mrs. Dirinda's Famous baked oatmeal (E), I made it this week but switched the berries for apples, and instead of only 1/4 cup of egg whites I used 1/3 cup. Delish! click here for pin of her recipe

Salmon and Avocado Sandwich: I used Joseph's low carb pita bread, toasted it a bit and filled it with a mixture of canned wild caught salmon, avocado, mayo, cilantro, a bit of chopped onions and tomatoes. Salt/pepper to taste and a squirt of fresh lime juice.

 Chicken Salad with Pecans: I used delicious Romain lettuce leaves to serve my chicken salad Recipe Here (the original recipe calls for almonds, you can use whatever you prefer)

Chocolate Cupcakes (S): These were such a big hit! We loved them, I didn't have heavy whipping cream to make whipped cream but I used a bit of sugar free Hershey's Chocolate syrup and strawberries to top them... Recipe by Tonia at "The Sunny Patch" my twist was that instead of xylitol and stevia extract I used 14 packets of Truvia.

Steamed asparagus and eggs (with butter! YUM YUM) - S - : To make these I just lightly steam the asparagus (remove tough ends) until they are tender, then add some butter, salt and carefully place two (or three) eggs on top of the asparagus bed, it all becomes one! Looks pretty too! Cover with a lid and cook until the eggs are done (I like the yolks a bit runny, about 3-4 minutes), side of avocado... Delicious for any meal of the day!

 Of course I ate other things... But I didn't stop to take a picture of everything... I hope this inspired you a bit though! Would you leave a comment and let me know?

© Paloma K.

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Melissa said...

Thanks for sharing! I'm new to THM- just got my book last week. These look SO delicious and it really helps to see what meals look like! Thx again!