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Friday, March 6, 2015

Beware of the easy route - Don't pay for THM menus!

Hello everybody! Today I was a bit uncertain about what the TIP would be... not for lack of tips or areas of opportunity I see ... actually because there's so many tips I would love to share that I don't even know which one to choose... BUT... something made it easier for me to make a decision... and it was a sponsored ad on my Facebook this morning... charging to give you what they call "THM Menus and recipes" ... They have a tiny disclaimer at the bottom of their page saying: "We are not affiliated or endorsed by Trim Healthy Mama" and they recommend you to review their menus/recipes with care! (well, that doesn't save much time... does it?)

what in the world???

First of all... They are charging you for something that IS NOT FOR THEM to charge. This is someone else's BRAND and work. You can find menus, plans and meals for free on several blogs and on the support groups, THM beginners is my favorite, even when I am not a beginner at all on THM I love the fellowship there and I also love that I can welcome many "newbies", encourage them and hopefully help them if they have a question or two (The Admins/Moderators do an amazing job but sometimes someone needs help right away and we all try to pitch in), most of us "seasoned THM'ers" find joy sharing good recipes with others, reviewing their own menus, helping them tweak it if we see the need, etc....

Those who promise to send you plans and menus for a fee are unfortunately targeting people that don't really know how THM works and who think someone else's "plans" will work for them... I think that ... in and of itself is bad!

THM is about learning how foods work... It's about understanding how to mix foods, how much time to leave in between meals/snacks, how to choose best when eating out, changing old ideas about food, changing the way you see it and EMPOWERING YOU by giving you all the knowledge you need to MAKE PLANS that fit your life, etc... This is not a "diet" that will give "the same template" to all women and expect them all to make them fit their lives... If you PAY for plans/meals that somebody else "thought about" you are not learning a thing and you are giving your money away just to find disappointment when the time to "choose" comes or when you want to be freed from paying 7 dollars a month! are you ever going to be able to do this on your own? I don't think so... YOU have to LEARN about how the fuels work for your body... and only YOU can decide how you switch/incorporate them in your life.

I'd say invest the money on the BOOK ... and hang out with us on our FB groups. Take one step at a time and you'll be running in no time! All by yourself! Those 7 dollars use them in better ingredients instead (which you will still have to buy, it's not like they are buying the food for you) and also, you will have the CERTAINTY that your plan will be correct because you will have the knowledge (rather than reviewing someone else's plan with care. 

Honestly... If you see that sponsored ad, run away from it no matter how "good" it might initially sound! Now... I don't make any money from telling you all this! Pearl and Serene might not even know I exist, I am not a THM lawyer of defender of the plan! I care about moms like you! Who might judge the THM REAL plan by someone else's business that more likely than not will NOT provide you with the ideal plan for you and accurate completely on plan recipes.

So... You've been warned... If you still want to support a group that is charging off of somebody else's brand and work... it's your decision but if it doesn't work... then give Trim Healthy Mama a REAL try.(By the way, I just saw one of the recipes they promote as "THM" saying it's an "E" and it's a crossover -on plan but not weight loss inducing- this is just a clear small example of how it can't be trusted)

In their disclaimer they should add "Not only we aren't affiliated or endorsed by but we are completely misrepresenting Trim Healthy Mama"

Instead... Get the real deal:

Edited to add:  If you find a blog that is NOT charging for menus and meal ideas (I often share recipes, meal ideas and even let you see what I ate during my week) those are awesome tools to use as an EXTRA AID in your THM journey... it is just important to remember that they can't "replace" the knowledge that comes from reading the book and understanding how the plan works for yourself.

© Paloma K.

 Disclaimer: Some links in this post are affiliate links, this means that you pay the same price, but I also receive a very small compensation. I recommend products I have tried and love.


Farmgirl Cyn said...

Thank you so much for this, Paloma!
There really is NO replacing the knowledge that the book, Trim Healthy Mama gives us.
As an admin on the Beginners Board, I see firsthand how susceptible some of the new gals can be to these types of sales pitches. Read the book, glean from the free blogs, and most of all, don't waste your money on those other "options"!

Cindy Young

Paloma said...

Aw thanks for leaving a comment Cindy, means a lot, I wish I could "warn them all" but at least I might be able to keep a few from "falling".

jrose said...

AMEN! It is easy to see how folks think this is a lifesaver in terms of saving time. But you are 110% correct in that you have to understand what works for you and you will glean that understanding from actually DOING your own reading, adjusting and fitting the plan to YOUR lifestyle.

Paloma said...

Thank you for your comment and support!