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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Your favorite Coffee Place

Hello everybody! How are you all doing? I hope some of you already tried the Cheesecake Cookie Cups of the previous post! If you didn't that's ok.... you can make them anytime you want... but something you DEFINITELY have to try soon are MY VERY own  Empanadas de PiƱa they are really great! I posted the recipe on my "Mexican Cooking" Blog because I think they are a Mexican dessert (and also because I had my dad to help me with it)

Today I want to ask you about your favorite place where you enjoy drinking your coffee (tea, hot chocolate, etc) ... and why you prefer that place! And I am not asking about your home (like in my case... I really love my coffee time at home with hubby) but that special place you found where you enjoy going to for "coffee". I think I had already posted about something like this... The reason why I am asking again is because, since we moved, my "favorite Coffee Shop" had to change... I loved "Alterra by the Lake" when I was in Milwaukee... but now, living in Texas I just LOVE Starbucks at Kemah! Just look at this:

 And... It is REALLY CLOSE to the ocean! Isn't that neat? It is still very hot in Texas right now... but hey! You can still have something cold to drink! I am looking forward to a date with hubby when it's not that hot outside and we can both have a good cup of coffee (venti please!) and we can walk by the ocean! -sigh- ... So, I do miss Alterra by the lake, but I am glad there is such a neat option for us to go to here, it is still pretty far from home (about 50 mins) so it's not like we can go there anytime we would like to but our coffee at home is pretty good for our daily coffee!

How about you? Is there any special Coffee Shop you go to? Why do you like it there? Because it's quiet? or because it's busy? You go there to study? relax? think? talk with friends? Share with us! And if you have a picture you can send it to and we'll even post it on our next Coffee Friday we'll be giving you (and your blog if you have one) credit for it! We'll re-start our Coffee Friday tradition in November.

So... share with us!



Jessie said...

I personally like Caribou coffee here in Wisconsin. I think they have some of the best coffee in town. It is smooth, not "burnt" tasting, and I love the fact that the employees really like to try to get to know you! :) (PS Glad I could finally catch up some on your blogs!)

Paloma said...

YAY! I am so glad you are now part of "The Coffee Shop" It is great to see you here! I hope we'll see you soon again! Caribou is good isn't it? I loved Alterra when I was there but then it started getting "way too bitter to enjoy"