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Monday, September 19, 2011

Coffee with friends!

As a mom and living in new city/State I don't really get to share with "grown-ups" very often (except for my husband when he comes from work of course) but during the day is usually just my girls and I... so having coffee with a group of ladies during the week is really something not only refreshing but energizing! It was so nice to attend the Mom2Mom class in our church last week, there was coffee and breakfast but most importantly we had great fellowship and I got to know more moms who are right where I am at... and just hearing their stories, anecdotes, things that they find challenging, etc... is very encouraging! So! I had a great coffee time! Coffee even tasted better in such great company!

What's your favorite way to drink coffee? On your own or with someone else?

More recipes and announcements are coming! Stay tuned!

© Paloma King


Mama Up! said...

My favorite way to drink coffee is with a good friend, for something like four hours straight!

Paloma said...

I know! That's a great way of enjoying a cup of coffee! But sometimes coffee on your own is just as enjoyable...