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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

FLOUR TORTILLAS - My first attempt

My dad is a professional baker, that's what he does best (besides making me laugh and being the greatest dad ever), anyway.... I think he was probably born making bread! His specialty is a traditional bread from the north of Mexico, his grandmother (dad's side) was left a widow in her twenties and she had several kids to raise, she was a very hardworking woman and decided to start baking "semitas" (which means "semites" in English), it's a type of "Arabic" bread but a little "Mexicanized", some of the ingredients for this type of bread are: piloncillo (which is basically a solid piece of sucrose and fructose obtained from the boiling and evaporation of sugarcane juice), pecans and raisins! And she would bake it in a mud oven... It is the best bread ever! She taught her children how to bake it so my dad's father started his own bakery (which became very big and famous) and he also taught his children how to make it... That is how my father started and continued to bake! His skillful hands have "memory" as they always remember the exact amount of flour, sugar, butter or any ingredient. I was never really interested in learning how to bake, I always thought it was so boring! I mean... why bake if you can buy things already made? (DUH! yes, please forgive me, I was younger and stupid!) Now, it's different, I came to live in the USA because I married a wonderful Godly man who lives here, I love him so much that I left everything behind, I still have daily communication with my family in Mexico but I miss them so much! And I started to think I should've learned how to bake! My dad's given me many of his recipes... but this bread is so special that it requires him to teach me in person! (or at least that is what I want!), I think I will actually start blogging about my project to make all the types of bread my dad makes! Yes I will... so wait for it!!

My dad also makes the best flour tortillas (nothing like those flour tortillas I've found here in the USA!) so I decided I would try to make them... and I did, it wasn't as easy as I thought it would be... I was actually embarrassed because my dad makes perfect circles every single time, and mine looked more like "maps" if anything! The flavor was still delicious and my husband loved them! You can even just put some butter on them while they are hot and have a cup of coffee (YES... coffee is the best thing to have!!!) they melt in your mouth! So... I am glad to present to you My first FLOUR TORTILLAS!


Jayde said...

Congrats on your first tortillas. I absolutely LOVE homemade tortillas! Welcome to SITS!

Unknown said...

Oh those look good! I think it's great that you want to learn how to bake like your father. It's never too late to learn!
Thanks for following - I look forward to reading more of your blog =)

Caroline said...

Those look A-mazing!!! Kudos!!

Herself said...

YUMMY! I'm new to SITS too and having fun learning to navigate and find great blogs like yours. Happy New Year!

Jennifer said...

I love tortillas too! I have actually put peanut butter and jelly on one and rolled it up. LOL! It was good! I bet the homemade ones are so much better. Care to share how you make them? I cook but don't have much experience with baking or things like this at all.

Dima said...

They look good. I will try making some next time.