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Thursday, December 31, 2009


That sounds good, doesn't it??? And it looked even better when I was making it last night... Just take a look:

Ok... it was the greatest disappointment ever!

Yesterday wasn't an easy day, my daughter has a cold, I feel like I am probably getting sick too... hubby is sick so he came home early but I had seen the recipe to make these "knishes" on another website... they looked great! so I was obsessed with making them! I should've followed my gut! something inside just told me that it probably wasn't the best idea to make bread stuffed with basically mashed potatoes, no flavor, very plain! (and let's not even mention the fact that it is carbs + more carbs!!!) so I just ended up with just more dishes to wash! ugh!

Thank God my father-in-law and his wife stopped by and brought this:

Because I didn't feel like cooking anything else!

I didn't even have my cup of coffee I have every night! I went to bed at 9:00 p.m. I washed the dishes until this morning... and threw all my "potato knishes" away!

Let's hope the day gets better... I hope I feel well enough so I can make something special to end the year!

Happy 2010!


Jennifer said...

Hi! Just stopping by to say thank you for visiting/following my blog!

Hate to hear you have a cold. That is not a good way to start the New Year at all.

Well this recipe sounded interesting. I probably would have tried making them too, but now I know not to bother! :) Love your blog, and the plaid background is very nice and fitting I think! I like it.

Queenie Jeannie said...

Oh no!! It looked so good too!!

Happy New Year and thank you for visiting on my special SITS Day!

FROGGITY! said...

thanks for stopping by my blog!

well, those look delicious... but i will take your advice if they didn't turn out like you hoped!

anyhow that dinner looks great... mmmmm. now i want a burger...

have a very blessed and wonderful new year!!!!

Herself said...

Never mind... a few boo boos in the kitchen build character!
Thanks for your very sweet comment on my blog! I look forward to reading all your posts as I follow you!