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Sunday, October 26, 2014

Torch Coffee - Review and Exclusive Promo Code at the end

I've said several times that "Coffee" is not the only topic on this blog, but it is certainly our "original topic", it is what got this blog started and it is definitely what many times helps me focus so I can gather my ideas and write a post... Recently I heard that a friend (his name is Josh) joined the Torch Coffee Roasters Team  and I just knew it was the PERFECT job for him, he has great people skills, has always loved (almost to an addiction point) coffee and also loves serving the community.... Torch Coffee Roasters is allowing him to apply all of these strengths into this job! If you're interested to learn more about him, what he's doing with this company or if you'd like to learn about their ministry in China and how the need your prayers to spread their gospel allowing God to use their business please check this out.

So, intrigued by all this and wondering if it would be not only a good ministry to support but also a great product I ordered my first bag of Torch Coffee... I was excited when I received it

 I felt like a little girl on Christmas morning... so, there it was, the box and my impatience to open it... If you know my family and friends they will tell you that when I am asked for my opinion I will tell the truth... I will say it with love if I know it might hurt but I will still say it... so here goes my review for Torch:

- Shipment/Arrival: Excellent! There was no way the bag could open during the shipping process, it was well protected and safely packed in a cardboard box filled with enough protective packaging materials. It arrived quickly after I ordered.

- Packaging/Appearance: Beautiful! I loved their bag, it looks trendy and clean, keeps the coffee beans fresh and it's easy to understand, it even has a date that tells you exactly when it was roasted (mine was roasted the very day they shipped it! I am not kidding! It was that fresh)

Flavor: I got the SAN FRANCISCO Blend, it was honestly delicious and smooth but it's more for someone who is not a big fan of strong coffee, this blend was silky, very mild and not bitter... I love it for a relaxing night when you don't want a blend that will keep you awake all night. Hubby wasn't crazy about it, he LOVES CRAZY STRONG coffee (no cream, no sugar for him)... But I do recommend this one especially for that person that you want to "get started" into the coffee habit and they haven't gotten into it because they don't like the bitterness of coffee. I would almost dare to say this one has a certain "sweetness" to it.

PRICE:  I find it to be on the expensive side but still affordable (especially if you take advantage of the promo code I am sharing in this post),  I also find it to be worth the price because not only you'll be getting a great cup of gourmet coffee and a wonderful experience but also the satisfaction of knowing you're also helping a business with values, that has a vision for helping others, provide jobs here and abroad.

Their website: Torch Coffee Roasters

Look for yourself! I love their FB page as well, the customer service is fantastic and they keep their "audience" engaged, they communicate about what they're doing, where they're going and I love their videos as well. You should for sure check them out.

I love their wide selection of Gourmet Coffee... They have a special blend for every palate! Just check out their list:

So now... let's get to the part you've been waiting for. Today you'll get the opportunity to taste this coffee for a lot less! I am going to give you a 40% coupon (Courtesy of Torch) exclusive for the "The Coffee Shop" readers and followers. No need for "entry" you don't even have to "leave a comment" here or give me a "Like" on FB... (I'll love it if you do though) just check them out, get your first bag of Torch Coffee and you'll want more! ...  So... visit the Torch Coffee Store, select your favorite blend (Josh - my friend at Torch - highly recommends: "Season 2 Espresso" directly from Costa Rica (and their strongest roast), "El Durazno" from Chiapas, Mx (Chiapas has some of the best coffee in the world!) or Josh's  favorite blends, any of their "Kenyan's blends", he says they're fruity and delicious!  add your favorite (or favorites) to your cart and make sure you enter the following promo code: love4coffee (yes, like my blog address), share it with friends and come back for more, I will continue to share news and specials offers from Torch in the future, Torch and I are already planning on future deals for you!

Now... what do I gain from all this? Well, the satisfaction of helping a good, honest company with a great, high quality and delicious product and the great feeling of sharing a great deal with my readers... I am in no way compensated or receive any money in exchange for this review/promo

Just wanted to get that out of the way in case you were thinking something of the sorts.

again... Get your 40% discount over your total purchase at: Torch Coffee Store with the


promo code at checkout. You can't pass this opportunity. You can even buy several bags to give out as Christmas gifts... It will be PERFECT! 

Note: This code will be valid for a month and will expire on 11/26/2014

 © Paloma K.

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