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Friday, October 24, 2014

The heart of the problem!

This heart is OK
  "The heart of the human problem is the problem of the human heart" - J. John

I heard this quote today on my way home after my walk/talk with my bestie... (in our talks we fix the problems of the world, we laugh, we ... well.. I am not going to go into details but I can tell you that today we even heard an 80's country song) so... during our walk today I had a few moments of "self-discovery" ... I was left thinking about the things I do and say... (oh yes... we go deep!), as soon as I got in the car I heard this "heart" quote and I was so thankful, God always finds ways to let me know He is listening, He cares and He knows of my struggles or shortcomings... I liked the quote so much that I thought I had to share...  The human heart is deceitful indeed, that's what the Bible says... the core, the source of all issues lies within the human heart. Every problem can be traced back to it... Whether it is an addiction, our self-image, etc... when the focus is on self and not the Lord, when we follow the "listen to your heart" advice we fall into the biggest trap! It sounds good to "trust the heart" but the heart is not that cute thing we draw, the heart is not that beautiful Valentine cookie of the picture... the heart is  "...deceitful above all things..." Jer. 17:9 and how could we trust the very thing that gets us in the most trouble? How can we trust the very thing that has failed time after time, generation after geneartion!?

Society tells us to "follow our heart" or "do what we think is right" ... it even sounds like a "new thing", like a "wise thing" but humans have been following that very "modern" concept since the beginning! we find time after time in the Bible, generations that were completely destroyed for "doing what was right in their own eyes", strong men of God completely destroyed for "listening to their heart" and going after the wrong woman, kings leading the people of God after false gods, fathers hurting their children for letting them do as they wanted, battles lost for following "intuition" rather than God's voice....

And yet... we want to "re-write history" and we think this "follow your heart" thing is going to somehow "work for US"

I, like you, will continue to struggle with things... just like everybody else... But today my prayer is that I will listen to God... rather than my heart.  May God continue to transform me where my focus is more and more on Him and less and less on me... less and less on others. May I listen to His voice rather than my own. May I continue to grow as He continues to complete His work in me.

© Paloma K.

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