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Friday, January 11, 2013

Inspired and Educational Coffee Friday!

Hello everybody! Welcome to our Coffee Friday Party! Today I am very happy to introduce to you a wonderful blogger, her name is Elizabeth Peterson, I don't really know her that well! But I love everything that has to do with education and arts! And she blogs in a very cool site, The Inspired Classroom, where teachers and parents can get inspired everyday!

I really encourage you to visit the site... Elizabeth didn't really share much about herself when she submitted the picture to be published here... I soon realized it has to be because she doesn't want to "toot her own horn" but... she's amazing! she's a 4th grade teacher and she's just so dynamic and creative... well... you can read more about her here

I will now let her share with us! Welcome to "The Coffee Shop" Elizabeth!

-------------------- is the place where teachers can get inspired so they can be inspiring to their students.  I am a fourth grade teacher and arts integration specialist, I also blog regularly about arts
integration as well as other related  educational topics.  My website offers insightful posts, resources and professional development opportunities for educators of all subjects and grade levels.

Coffee is a must during report card time.  Don't get between this teacher and her favorite mug of coffee!

Elizabeth Peterson

So... Make sure you stop by her site and say hi to her! I am sure she will appreciate it! Thank you Elizabeth for sharing about yourself and some of your coffee with us!
© Paloma K.

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