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Monday, January 7, 2013

A special Birthday!

Today is the birthday of a very dear friend, interestingly, for some reason, my brain decided to never remember her birthday... at least that was the case for many years, until last year "the curse ended" and I could finally remember on the exact day! January 7th!

This friend has been my friend for a long time, we've been friends in the silliness of the teenage years, through the "I like that boy" times and through the "I don't know if I should dye my hair or buy shoes" troubles!  As we grew older our friendship has grown stronger... we've been there for each other forever! She's been my "clothes shopping encourager", my "shoulder to cry on" when I've been sad. Her home has been like mine always! You know? She's been that friend that you just "drop by unannounced" and know "it's ok" we can talk about everything, even things that are "touchy" for each other and even if we ever got upset or anything... things always go back to normal! She sees the good in me and the bad too, we understand each other and I love making her laugh! LOL! it's very funny because I make her laugh so hard that sometimes it's like she's going to cry! She's also my "petite friend" ... so my mom used to say that together we looked like "Snoopy and the little yellow bird" LOL! ... I wonder which one I am! ... Growing up we were "expert parents" we knew it all, we even talked about the things that "we would never let our children do" and now that we have children we laugh at each other when we remember how foolish we actually were! we had no clue! And as our children yell in the background when we talk over the phone we can do nothing but try to comfort each other with an "I understand" LOL!

Ah! My friend! It's awesome having friends like that! I'll never forget the periods of my life that were the hardest... and again... she was there... through the nightmares I went through... she was there... (she is also married to someone that's always been a great friend too... so... they've both been there!) and now that everything is good and wonderful... she is still there! I pray everybody gets to have a friend like this... and in my selfishness I want to wish her MANY, MANY, MANY Happy Birthdays... Because I need my friend for many, many, many more years! Until we're all old and wrinkly and when I make her laugh we even forget what we're laughing about!

Happy Birthday Tere!

Tere... we all went "blueberry picking" when they came to spend vacations with us.

Our families together!

So... to wish her a happy birthday I am also going to invite you to her Etsy Shop! She is also crafty! She makes beautiful bows, hairbands and accessories for girls... here it is:

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