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Friday, November 2, 2012

Coffee Friday with my SITSTAH's!

Hi! Welcome to "The Coffee Shop" My name is Paloma, I am a funny, creative, very random and disorganized woman, passionate about God and about my family! I love cooking/baking, music, reading and writing! But more than anything I love spending time with my family and there's no better time than when we're all together!
I embrace fall... and I let it embrace me as well!

I started blogging about 4 years ago and even when becoming a mom for the first time and then having a second one made me struggle at times,  I've continued to blog. I really enjoy it! When I started back then... I immediately knew I had to "meet others" to connect, learn and succeed! I found out that SITS would make all of that possible! What is SITS? Well if you're reading this post you probably already know, but just in case and for those that don't know yet, SITS is an "all girl community" where women/bloggers support each other! and we call each other "sitstahs" pretty cool, huh? And today, well, today is my turn to be in the spotlight and I am thrilled and excited to see how many new and kind bloggers I get to know and get to know me!

If you know me already you probably know that "The Coffee Shop" is not about "coffee" necessarily, it's a place where I get to connect with others, make them feel welcome and hopefully provide with not only great recipes but also good conversation and encouragement! In this busy world and age we need that connection, especially women - I think - to stay sane and be able to juggle with it all! I have two precious little ones and a wonderful hubby, they sure keep me busy, so I don't have as much time to just go to a coffee shop with friends and relax. So I thought of creating a place where we could do that even from home, office or wherever we are!

Cool! huh? Right now I am working on a Fall/Thanksgiving Series where I hope I can motivate others to host their own Thanksgiving dinner and know that the host/hostess can enjoy it (stress-free) as well!!

Today is also our "Coffee Friday" Party! Read more about it here and send me an e-mail if you'd like to be featured!

And, well, just jump right in and get to know me a little better! I'd love to get to know you too!

© Paloma K.


Unknown said...

Paloma, you seem so sweet!! I love the idea of yourFall series, and your blog really does seem so warm and inviting!!:) you have a beautiful family too!!
Happy SITS day!!!

Unknown said...

Happy SITS Day and Friday to you!