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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Stuffed Olives - Dredge Line

So... If you've been reading our latest posts you now know that my friend Brand is collaborating with "The Coffee Shop" and sharing his culinary skills with us... Plus, he is adding his style and if you read about his previous dish (Potato Polpettes) you know he likes to add some "suspense" to it all and he kind of divides the posts in two (or more) parts and always leaves us wanting more! Today is no exception... so... the last post was the FIRST PART of his "Stuffed Olives" dish ... and this is the continuation ... So... there you go... I'll share what he sent me. ^Paloma.

Post by Brand begins here:

This is a dredge line.  You take something prepared to cook and then prepare it to fry!  Now these contain a good amount of garlic... Garlic Tip:  Once you have a naked garlic clove ready to chop, slice it in half length ways, make sure there is no part in the center of the garlic that is turning green, or thinking of turning green.  If you find a bit that is greenish, simply dig it out and discard.  That junk is bitter like you wouldn't believe!  Then chop the rest, because its fine.  Now, don't be confused by the order of the dishes in the picture:  Olive in flour, then egg, then breadcrumbs (I like pulverizing Ritz crackers, choose your own breadcrumb...EZ prep: buy a package of breadcrumbs)

© Brand

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foodydelight said...

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