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Monday, November 7, 2011

Happy Monday and a challenge!

Good Monday everyone! It is now starting to become a tradition here at "The Coffee Shop" to begin our Mondays with a happy, positive, grateful attitude, sometimes we are too "whinny" don't you think? And then we wonder why the whole week was so hard! Most times is our attitude that makes it all bad! So... let's stop saying "UGH MONDAY" or "I hate Mondays" and turn it into a Happy Monday... I mean... It's still "going to happen" isn't it? we are still going to have to "go through it" anyway! Plus... think about it! Praise God we still have the chance to be here another Monday!!!! I might be a weird person... but whenever I've "had to" go through something "bad" I've made myself find "something good about it" I've had to make myself find something "enjoyable" because I've realized two things:

1. "If I am still going to go through it, why kick and cry and whine? that just makes it all worse."
2. "I am not the first one nor the last one to "go through this" and if others have been able to go through it then why not me and why not find something good about it?"

And with those thoughts in my mind I have been able to go through "minor things" like Shots, dentists, surgery, headaches, tests in school, etc (I've thought like this since I was 12) and when I learned to stop complaining about the very little things then when bigger things came I wasn't destroyed! (Just a comment! I do not like going through bad things at all either!! nor little! Nor big!). But the sun still rises, the Lord is still with me, others have gone through this (and more) so... can't we do the same about Monday? Can you go this day without complaining? Try it out! I challenge you! It will be like "counting calories" (well... if you are in this blog maybe you are not exactly a "calorie counter") but I challenge you to keep track of yourself and EVERY SINGLE TIME you feel like a complaint is going to come out of your mouth just make a better decision and switch it to a praise, say something you are thankful about, see the good in it or the good that could result from it! This applies for the way we see the "weather, being stuck in traffic, etc" plus... it's just Monday! Come on! We can't live our lifes hating Monday! what a waste of a day! Hopefully there will be many many more Mondays in our lives! So... why not make "the best of them?"

What do you say? Do you take the challenge?

Today I am thankful for the time change! It seems it will help me get back on track with putting my 3 yr. old in bed at 8!!! YAY!

Beautiful Sun Clock
What are YOU thankful for?

© Paloma King

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