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Friday, November 4, 2011

Coffee Friday! Thinking of mom!

Good morning everyone! Today's coffee is being served by my dear friend Jayne! She is a wonderful lady and I saw one of these pictures yesterday and asked her if I could use it today to share it with all of you! Not only she agreed but she even offered a second one for me to use the one I liked best so I am sharing them both!

I am also sharing her closed caption:
My new favorite coffee mug :) Thanks Mum! Love this pottery!

I don't care the kind of coffee you drink out of that cup! Is always going to taste good because it was a gift from her mom! Sweet memories will be evoked and I am sure there will always be a smile when drinking!

Thanks Jayne for letting me use your pictures and for sharing a cup of coffee with all of us!

Now... would you have a cup of coffee with us? If you'd like your coffee pictures to be featured here please just send them to:   Please include a closed caption too and if you are a blogger add the link to your blog and maybe a small post if you'd like to say something about yourself, your blog, your picture and why you love coffee. Trust me, it will be fun!

Happy Coffee Friday everyone!

© Paloma King

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