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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Bicycles hanging from a wall!

Good day dear friends... I am sorry I haven't been posting these last few days but it's been very happily busy here!

But I still read and enjoy your comments! Thank you everyone for reading and commenting ;) You all make my day!

I went to a small town close to the city where I live yesterday with hubby (he had 1/2 day off) and it was a blast... As part of our "tour" we stopped at a Local Coffee Shop, it was really nice, the decor was more like a "personal library/studio/living room" but... hanging from the walls there were... BICYCLES... Yes, bicycles and it made me think how we can basically use "anything" as part of the decoration of a certain place... Have you seen anything too weird? as decor? Have you ever used anything that people thought it was crazy as an object of decoration? Have you ever had an idea of something that would look cool but it was too out of the ordinary?

Share it with us.... Here is a pic of one the bikes...

Big Hugs!!!


Duane Scott said...

I would love a bike like this! I think they are awesome. :) Or is it a trike?

Sharlene T. said...

When I was very young and poor, I used to hang album jackets on my walls - but, that's not too weird, is it?

Paloma said...

Yes Duane... I'd like a bike like that too! Pretty coo!l!


Not too weird Sharlene... I think my mom has done pretty crazy things... Let me ask her about it because I can't remember right now... I think she made some "book shelves" with tomato boxes :P


Ginny Marie said...

I'd love to visit a local coffee shop! I don't think we have any more around here...we're too suburbanized and only have the chains.

Unknown said...

That's pretty cool! We have 2 mom & pop restaurants here that have odd decor on their walls. Well, probably not odd really but not the norm. One has all things CocaCola...old bottles...signs...banners...literally didn't even paint the walls of the restaurant, you can see in some places the drywall putty over cracks. Lol. They just hung stuff up & covered it! It's really cool. Another breakfast place here in town uses license plates from all over the world all over their walls. And a few framed traffic tickets from years and years ago...ones that have fines listed for $1.75 and $5.00....OLD traffic tickets.

Nothing unusual in my house though. Maybe I need to branch out huh?

Paloma said...

Yes Ginny... There is something special about small coffee shops! I love 'em!

Dear friend K: It's nice to see you here! we are all missing you tons! And we are all praying for you!