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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Allergen Free on Trim Healthy Mama - Day 2

Hello everybody, how is it going? I am here... man! Day 2 was rough! I was HUNGRY!!! And I don't like that feeling... like... at all... But, who does, right?

Trim Healthy Mama has spoiled me by never letting me go hungry... if you've been reading my previous posts you know that I am kind of switching things around to my own needs and I am taking the challenge of using more "pure" ingredients, whole and avoid things that could cause inflammation due to my healthy problems... I am doing this for 30 days and... I hope I finish! I like to take on new challenges and in the food freedom I've found on THM I realize I can do things like these and not mess up my life long journey with THM!

So... Day 2 was rough! Hungry, hungry... and just craving everything and anything... I might be a bit of a weird person because even when I hate hunger I am enjoying the challenge of "submitting my flesh" ... Man... it's hard! Especially when your husband gets a big slice of chocolate cake out and eats it right in front of you... Now, don't get the wrong impression, hubby is really supportive.. who knows what possessed him last night to eat in front of me like that... I think it's because he sees me so strong he thinks it doesn't make a difference... plus... poor guy... since I started THM he's involuntarily lost about 11 pounds he couldn't afford to lose! (MAN! Right???) even when he was eating crossovers!!! So ... I guess it's ok he eats "off plan" once in a while! Let him eat cake!

I still stayed strong! Now... if you want a word of wisdom it will be: Don't stay up late! Cravings hit harder at night and if you already had your good dinner you should avoid heavier meals that late ! So... yeah... last night I went to bed a bit past midnight and I couldn't wait to get up this morning and have some breakfast!

Now... here's what I ate yesterday:
Eggs with steamed zucchini and avocado, I also ate 1/2 a banana
THM Bit: The breakfast above would be a perfect "S" on Trim Healthy Mama, awesome to lower your sugar blood levels. (just omit the 1/2 a banana that I had with it... Bananas are not encouraged but they are still on plan, keep them in an "E" setting -1/2 of a banana- to avoid crossovers)

Chicken thigh, sweet potato with coconut butter and salt, avocado (and some strawberries)

THM Bit: This lunch above would be a crossover, which is perfectly on plan (you have to remember that) but it's not weight loss inducing... What makes this a crossover? The fats in the chicken thigh, avocado and coconut oil, the carbs from the sweet potato... keep your carbs and fats separate to have an E or an S. 

Ground pork with zucchini, spaghetti squash with coconut butter, salt and garlic plus 1/2 an apple
THM Bit: Dinner above would be a perfect S (minus the extra 1/2 an apple that I had) ... non-starchy veggies and fatty meats/oils are a perfect S combination.

And that's it...How are you doing? Did you accept the No measuring and no scale challenge? I think I am going to keep that NO numbers challenge past the 30 days... I am enjoying not being a  number... not my age, not my weight, not my size!

I want to thank Sherry from I Like Rice a Lot for sharing about her own journey and being such a great inspiration! She is following a different plan but I realize now that I don't have to take a break from THM to do things differently... I just have to avoid the foods that could be causing some issues for me. Follow her! And comment on her amazing blog... hopefully she'll motivate you to a healthier you as well!

And... also... Don't forget to visit my fellow THM bloggers (see my favorite THM blogs on my right sidebar) you will love them! They are not making this easy for me... They keep posting yummy, fat melting, on plan THM treats and dishes everyday! I can't wait to finish my 30! I have so many plans for my "THM Oat Fiber"

© Paloma K.

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Unknown said...

I love your idea, just started today, i hope i Can make it

Sherry said...

I like how you can blend both plans! That's awesome Paloma!