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Monday, May 17, 2010

You name it! - Big announcements

Good morning everybody! I've missed my Blog so much! But I have especially missed all of you my dear friends!!!

I have some big announcements to make today:

1. I CAN'T STAND COFFEE! ... What??? You must be wondering what happened! Well... as you know ... Pregnancy happened and coffee is banned in my house! Isn't that sad? I do miss my nightly coffee ritual with hubby but I can't even stand the smell of coffee... I hope this goes away soon, let's hope so, right?? RIGHT???

2. I AM ABOUT TO CREATE A NEW BLOG... What??? You must be wondering how I can open a new blog if I haven't been able to keep up with this one lately.... well, you know, being pregnant and in the first trimester has changed many things here, hopefully things will go back to normal soon and I can post more.... Because I truly miss all of u!

3. I AM STILL LOOKING FOR A SMART, NOT TOO LONG, HOPEFULLY BILINGUAL NAME FOR MY BLOG.... It will be about Mexican food (real Mexican food), trying to share more about my culture and gastronomical background... You know? I am trying to show people in USA that Mexican food isn't burritos, nachos and hard shell tacos....

So... would you help me? Any suggestions for the name of my new blog?

That's it for now.... Oh! By the way... Remember there is a Giveaway coming soon.... Gevalia contacted me to let me know they want me to write a review about their coffee (I will have hubby, who is a coffee expert, help me with the tasting and review) and they will also send me a package of their newest Sweden blend for one of my readers, so ... stay connected for further details!

Love you and miss you all!!!



Duane Scott said...

Pregnancy makes you hate coffee? Whew, I'm glad I won't ever have that chance.

And I can't wait till your new blog. I LOVE mexican food and the more authentic it gets, the better. I'm going to be cooking right along with you.

Call it:

"One burrito short of a combo"

Paloma said...

That's so funny Duane! LOL! You made me laugh so much! trust me... it's all worth it though... ;)

I hope I'll see you often in my new blog... It is coming real soon.... I like that name.... ;)


Ginny Marie said...

I was wondering how you would blog about coffee while being pregnant! :) I gave up coffee when I was pregnant, too. Decaf just doesn't work for me.

A new blog about REAL Mexican food sounds fantastic!

Missy said...

Oh you poor girl! I would cry if being pregnant had made me hate coffee. lol

I LOVE Mexican food. I can't wait to see what you have in store for your new blog.