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Friday, May 15, 2009

Funny slideshow!!!

Well... we are back from our trip to Mexico... it was really cool but I didn't drink as much coffee as I wanted to (long story) but I will share more on my next post...

Right now I just want to share a slideshow that a friend made (Thanks Gen)... I just thought it was hilarious so ... had to share it with all of you... the coffee lovers

I hope you like it!

(This is what I call... true love for coffee)

1 comment:

GoldCoaster Paul said...

Cool coffee maker. My wife bought me a Gaggia all auto coffee maker a few years back. It is the type that grinds the beans, tamps it, makes the cup of espresso and then spits out the used grinds in a bin. Worth the money. I love it.
cheers GoldCoaster (came from blogcatalog)