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Coffee Friday

You and your blog can be featured here at "The Coffee Shop"  We have a weekly Party called: "COFFEE FRIDAY"! What's "Coffee Friday"? you ask.... Well... every Friday I will be publishing a "coffee-related picture" that YOU take.... (NO pictures from another site or owned by someone else will be allowed), this is how it will work:

1. Take a picture in your favorite coffee shop or at home of something that is related to coffee "coffee mugs, coffee beans, a shirt that says "I love coffee" on it, ANYTHING related to coffee".

2. Write a short caption about the pic (20 words max), a description or message about your blog (about 1 paragraph), a link to your blog and a link to one of your best posts.

3. Send it to

4. Your picture, caption, message and links will be published here, on our Facebook page and on TWITTER, so make sure to follow! I will be choosing the best picture(s) to be published, and some others will appear in the following weeks.

5. Please make sure your caption or message does not include any offensive or foul language...  I will NOT publish any picture or message that uses that type of language.

6. Once your picture (and blog) was published and your blog featured... you can still keep sending pictures, I will post links to the blogs that send pictures during the week and might use them for other posts (mentioning you and your blog of course).

So... Let's start taking pictures!....You could be featured next!

For any questions please contact me via e-mail

Also... if you just want to "link up to our party" every week... you just need to "add some coffee to your posts" you can either dedicate a whole post to make it all about coffee or just mention "coffee" randomly in your post (without it being the main topic) ... then add a link back to us within that post and come on Friday so you can link up! I hope you do! I'll encourage others to do some hopping around to check those links!
Grab our Coffee Friday Button!
The Coffee Shop

Here is a list to our blogs that have already been featured! (Alphabetically)