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Sunday, March 15, 2015

Sunday Funday - THM Menu One Day at a Time

Chile Relleno Casserole, THM (S) ... One of the several dishes featured on Today's Menu

First of all Happy Birthday to me! Today I turn 36!  I am looking forward to celebrating it... I even used a coupon to get the "So delicious" Coconut Milk, No sugar added mint chip ice cream! I am all ready to enjoy my birthday!

Now... to the menu... Have you enjoyed this week of Meals and Menus? They are easy to follow, aren't they? You haven't seen any ingredient that has scared you too much, have you? I don't use many specialty ingredients on my recipes... So you don't need to wait to jump right in and be a Trim Healthy Mama... The main principle of this plan is to keep carbs separated from fats ... those do not combine! It doesn't mean you can't eat carbs... it just means you have to eat them with extra lean proteins, eat them, enjoy them and just don't exceed the 45 gram count in a MEAL ... yes... in a MEAL... that's way above the limits that low carb diets set for you so do not get THM confused by a low carb diet. Now... if what you're craving are fats (like a juicy steak with a garlic/herb butter melting on top) or like a delicious chicken baked until the skin is soooo crispy... then... that's when you do want to keep your carbs to a minimum (10 grams tops).

Now... Let's close this week where we've been having so much fun together with a menu that will be flexible for you... whatever your activities are on a Sunday:


E Breakfast: Apple and Cinnamon Quinoatmeal (you will have to leave your quinoatmeal soaking overnight and they will cook really quick in the morning)

This is the Quinoa I use:   Red Quinoa

- or - if you, like me... have to have a heartier Breakfast on Sunday Mornings because you go to church and .. well... you just get extra hungry... you could have:

S Breakfast: 2-3 Fried eggs (in Coconut Oil or butter) with some slices of avocado on the side and even some "bread in a mug" (recipe in the book)

Snack: If you are on the go on Sunday (like me) then you want to have something easy to carry with you. I usually have almonds. or sometimes I carry frozen berries in a small container with a tight lid and add some yogurt in it. The frozen berries will keep the yogurt cold and fine.

S or E Lunch: If you eat out on Sundays (like I sometimes do -although most times I cook on Sunday too-) then I highly recommend Chipotle or Jason's Deli. You can choose from the Salad Bar and Enjoy their veggies, hard boiled eggs, cheese, bacon, ranch dressing, YUM! Go crazy with a great "S" salad. If you go to chipotle you can have an E or S salad depending if you choose beans or not. If you do choose beans avoid any sour cream or avocado (to avoid crossover) and go crazy with their salsas, pico de gallo, enjoy a portion of beans and brown rice with it and some of their chicken. YUM! Or ... avoid the carbs (beans, rice) and get guacamole, sour cream and cheese with it! you can have their steak or chicken! (I am not so sure their pulled pork doesn't have sugar in it, most bbq sauces do so I stay away from the pork). If you go somewhere else you can easily customize your meal and adapt it to THM, steakhouses are great, go to town with meat and veggies with butter or if it's a seafood place order some fish with a creamy sauce and buttered veggies, in a hamburger joint you can ask them to wrap your hamburger with lettuce (no buns) and enjoy it like that, most fast food places now have salad as an option. I know! We don't want salad when we go to "Culver's" so if you think it's going to be too hard to stay on plan at a certain restaurant you have three choices:

1. Politely suggest a different restaurant (one where you have more choices and don't feel deprived)
2. If No. 1 isn't possible then be strong and try to stay on plan with a cheerful attitude, make the best of it.
3. Or just go ahead and enjoy whatever is on the menu, even if it's off plan. This is a lifetime plan, get back on track in three hours! (Try to not make a habit out of this one, especially if you're just starting)

E Snack: If you still have enough hours on your day to have a snack and later have dinner then find something like an apple with 1 tsp. of peanut butter and a couple of slices of extra lean turkey or 1/2 of an on plan protein smoothie (might be S, FP or E depending on your fuel source).

S DinnerChile Relleno Casserole  or "Shrimp and Rice" (Cauliflower Rice of course!)  or even another "S" option: Fried Chicken Strips and cauliflower rice (Breading for chicken strips: Salt pepper your chicken strips, pass them through coconut flour, then egg/half-half mixture and then coat with a mix of ground pork rinds and almond flour, fry in coconut oil)

And so we reach the end of this series. Please leave here your comments, questions, suggestions, etc. I am always happy to see what you think and how the things I share are helping others.

These are so practical for casseroles! I absolutely love my set:

© Paloma K.

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