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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

God is working... Will you join Him?

I think it was about a year ago (or two maybe? Not sure) when I had the opportunity to do the Experiencing God Bible Study with the Ladies Group at my church... It was really, really good... God used it to speak to many of us in such a powerful way that a few even took radical decisions and made drastic changes that would impact their lives and their families.... One recurrent point made throughout this study is that God is at work... always... and we can join Him in what He's already doing... And I just want to share with you about something wonderful that is going on right now in our group....

I am part of this amazing Ladies Bible Study group... We have a different study every Spring and every Fall... The ladies that I serve with are amazing... They truly are a gift in my life! I felt so connected to all of them even from the first time I met them... I knew I was meant to be there! But just recently I started to feel like we should have a "Spanish group" be part of our Study... Now... this is not an "original idea" or something that I can take credit for... This has been done in the past... but for one reason or another it never came to completely take form... Of course ... It is hard! It's not a "Spanish speaking church" ... so that made me doubt it was even a "good idea"... I wondered if it was just "my wanting to do this Spanish thing" just of my own desire... BUT... I checked in my heart and I realized I actually kind of "didn't want to do it" ... I was happy with my group of people I already knew ... I didn't want to get out of my comfort zone! You might think a "Spanish group" would be my comfort zone... but these would be people I didn't know... and I wanted to be with the friends I already knew. Regardless of the doubts I still I brought it up to the Women's Ministry leader (our church is amazing and they support you SO MUCH)... but I even had a condition... I would support the Spanish group if somebody else would do it with me... (I even had a name who I wanted that person to be!) Thankfully that other person (and dear friend) accepted the challenge and even when we both didn't know what this would look like, and we didn't know what to even expect or how many women would sign up we both agreed and said "yes"...

There were a couple of months of "registration" and when the FIRST DAY of Bible Study came, my friend and I were a little nervous (I could actually say I was EMBARRASSED to even have "suggested" to do something like this) because only ONE other lady signed up!

Was this really necessary? Did I just make the "need" of a Spanish group up? Maybe it was just a "wishful thought"? I felt bad for any logistics involved with planning for an extra group and buying BOOKS IN SPANISH for this study... 12 books were bought! 1 lady signed up??? I knew my Spanish speaking neighbor would come too (she said so...) So at least we might have two! My friend and I looked at each other that day and said: "I wonder who else will come" and there we were... Ready to serve the 1 or 2 ladies that would show up...

That day... as we sat in our classroom... We used 12 books... Yes... 12 Books! And as of today we officially have 14 ladies in our group!

That very first day, when we introduced ourselves with one another and shared a little bit about why we were there and what we expected from the Study... the theme was the same... each of the ladies said "I was hoping for something like this" "I was praying for a Spanish group" "I was needing this" "I was looking for this" ... God was at work! Way before I even thought "I had the idea of a Spanish group"... it was His idea all the time! And He had already been working in the hearts of those that would join! All my friend and I did was jump in the wagon that was already moving! (We both did a little happy dance at the end of that day). 

I am tempted to share with you a picture of these beautiful ladies but I already did the "impulsive thing" of sharing it on my personal facebook.... I don't want to go further and share a picture with them on my blog without their consent and don't want to put them on the spot... But these ladies are so beautiful, genuine, witty, open, wise and smart! So thirsty for God and so faithful! I never expected we would have a big, great,  awesome group like this... BUT GOD!

He is working and He'll continue to add the ones He wants to add!

You want to know what Study we are doing? We are doing the Children of the Day: 1 & 2 Thessalonians by Beth Moore. And it's really hitting home in so many areas of our lives! I highly recommend it!

Are you "sensing" God wants you to do something? Is it out of your comfort zone and that makes you doubt? Just pray... believe... trust and obey! ... He's working at it before you even start! Before you even think you want to start! Will you join Him???

Experiencing God Bible Study

Children of the Day Bible Study


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