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Monday, April 2, 2012

Potato Polpettes - PART I

Well, lots of food for very little money...potatoes.  Potatoes carry their own set of problems.  Big, boring, much so, that if you have a broth or soup that is too salty, drop a potato in and it sucks up the salt! Potatoes actually make food have LESS flavor.  So, spuds require the presence of some other superstars to help them shine. 
Mixing the ingredients
Oil works wonders, strong cheeses, herbs and other root veggies all do a wonderful job of hiding the fact that potatoes are very plain.  If you are to take advantage of this nutrition packed super-food, don't think of it as a vast tasteless desert, instead think of it as a blank canvas!  Feta is a cheese that can hold its own.  Dill (my favorite secret ingredient), often paired with potato.  Lemon...Hmm?  its a Mediterranean thing.

Frying stage
If you want to see the FINISHED PRODUCT come back tomorrow.

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Sarah Schoolcraft said...

These crispy veggie cakes were great paired with a creamy sauce!

Amy said...

I could eat potatoes every day! I'm really interested to see the outcome of these!!