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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Just add coffee

 Today I don't have much time for a "formal" blog post ... (when have I written a formal post? ok... you know what I mean anyway!)

so... I am just stopping by to remind you of tomorrow's Coffee Friday Party! Hopefully you've added some "coffee" to any of your posts of the week and will be able to link up with us! We'll have a special featured blogger and by the way... coincidentally she is a "weather expert" ... so is perfect now that everybody's been talking about Isaac! huh! Had I planned it this way it would've never worked!

So... don't forget to join us! I'll be so happy to see you here... and if you've been part of the previous Coffee Fridays you know that I try to pin/tweet about the links that are shared on our Coffee Party ! (directly from your blog)

So... link up... make friends! And have coffee with us!

The Coffee Shop

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