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Friday, June 8, 2012

I am thankful for it but I hate it too!

 Ok... I know the title doesn't make much sense... If you've been reading my blog for a while or if you know me then you know I am not into "complaining" ... not that I don't ever complain but let's just say that I always try to see the "good side" of things, get a lesson out of a difficulty or think of the good result that some hardship might bring! ... right? that's me! I am not optimistic... nor a pessimist... but I like to think of myself as someone who even in the middle of a bad situation (not a horrible one, just a bad one) I can make others laugh! I don't see the glass half full or half empty... I just know whatever amount of water there's in the glass it can be enjoyed!

So... ok... that's me... and here I am ... I am going to allow myself to complain about something... and that something is my (well, not mine but the apartment's) refrigerator!

That poorly designed thing that we have is such a pain and test to my patience when I am trying to get something out of it! I don't know who thought this fridge was a good idea (and who approved it and passed it!) but I wouldn't be surprised if those people are in the line of unemployment right now... (not that I wish it to them... I just wouldn't be surprised!)

The whole thing itself is big... ok? Don't take me wrong... it's a two door equipment... left side is the freezer, right side is the fridge... and it's just STUPID! Just DUMB!

Just look at the pics: (sorry for the disorganization in my fridge but it is impossible to keep organized!) Every time I am happy with the "arrangement" I've made someone asks for juice and I end up messing it all over again! It is horrible and IMPOSSIBLE! I even have to buy my groceries thinking: "Ok, this can go on top of this and that can go on top of those!" The fridge area is narrow and deep!!! It goes way to the back like if I had stretchable arms that could reach that far (and I am not a short person) and it's so narrow that ... ok... see for yourself:

 You see what I am saying? I mean! Come on! I know there are things that are OBVIOUSLY poorly organized there... but that's it! I am so done with this fridge! It doesn't matter if it's all neatly (and strategically) organized it always gets easily messed up when I need to reach something from the back! (and there's always stuff in the back!!!)  I mean... I buy produce and JUST THE PRODUCE uses up most of the space in the bottom! -sigh- ok... I guess I need to get off my soap box but I just needed to vent! If you are related to the person who designed this thing... sorry! but it wasn't very smart!

And yes... of course I am thankful for my fridge and for what's in it! God's provided and I am thankful! I know I shouldn't complain... I wish it didn't frustrate me so much (especially when an avocado gets lost in the bottom or something like that) ... This fridge wasn't (of course) picked by me... but .. I guess this kind of fridge must be cheap (I wonder why) and the apartments come with it... so... Thank God for my fridge... right?

Is there anything in your home that you really are thankful for but you also hate?

No... no recipe today! the ingredients for whatever I would've cooked were way in the back.

© Paloma K.


Annemarie said...

I think my washing machine would be it. there was a little pin that told the washer the door was shut. well its a little stupid plastic piece and it broke OF COURSE so now I have a tiny tap nail stuck in it to "trick it" and each load i take it out and out it back before the load will start. stupid thing

Michelle said...'s hard when something important and that you depend on has..well..quirks:)

You commented on my post about the camouflaged duct tape! It's still there...and if I don't replace the tape after every couple loads the door opens in the middle of the cycle and the clothes doesn't dry. I don't notice until I go to switch the load...and then I'm even more behind!!!

doseofreality said...

Thank you for visiting my blog! :) Coming from SITS to see yours, too! It so frustrating when something that you need to be functional just is not. UGH.

Amy said...

my kitchen cabinets! I'm so glad I have them...alot of them...but they go all the way up to the ceiling and they're deep. Every time I need something other than a glass, I have to get out a ladder. (or I just wait til one of my tall kids comes down and ask them to get it for me....haha...)

Paloma said...

@AnneMarie: I hear you! My dryer opens at times and then I realize my clothes are still wet when I am supposed to be loading it again... so frustrating!

@Michelle: Yes! I remember that! well... you just posted about it! And just like I told AnneMarie "I understand" ... yes... annoying!

@DoseofReality: glad you stopped by too!

@Amy: I can see how that would be annoying! Yes ... we are thankful but it's also interesting how there at times when you don't have the time to lose and your hands might even have raw chicken on them and THAT'S when you need something from way back in the fridge (or the kitchen cabinets in your case)

SharleneT said...

I so agree. The designer of that fridge must have been on something and NEVER stepped into a kitchen. That is the most poorly designed appliance ever. There was one here, when I bought the house, and I threw it out immediately and bought my current one with a freezer on the bottom. The problem is that there isn't enough room on either side to actually use the fridge. You most certainly can complain.

Dawn said...

Complain away! If you can't vent on your own blog, what's the point? :-) My beef is with my patio table. It's nice to have a table out back, but the chairs are too heavy to move, the underside of the table holds water, and if the chair cushions get wet, it takes them weeks to dry!