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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Tractor Drivers in Holland love coffee too! "KOFFIE PAUZE"

What does "koffie pauze" mean? yes, you probably guessed right! It's "Coffee Break" It turns out that I have a new friend from Holland through another site (fotolog) and he shared with me the picture above which he took during a coffee break while.... Let me stop right here and share exactly what he said instead:


"Percolator coffee..I love it! We (me and some friends) have a few old-timer tractors and we like to drive them to shows and to nowhere particular. This pic. was taken on our way to the last show of the year.

We have to leave early, say around 8 am, while the temp. was a coffee was well on its place!"


Isn't it great to learn from people around the world? It doesn't matter how far the country or how different the culture we all have something in common! in this case coffee of course!


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