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Friday, February 6, 2015

Rehearse, Practice, Wonder, Question - THM Tip!

Hello friends! How are you doing? I know many of you are just joining (or thinking about it) Trim Healthy Mama... I know a few friends that have asked me about this amazing plan, they all get encouraged to join when they hear about the amounts of foods you can eat, the fact that you can have butter with your veggies or that you can eat a nice steak and feel no regret! But as soon as they hear something like "S, E or FP" I can see glossy eyes! Many get lost there...

My beautiful oldest daughter is bright as can be, she is 6 years old and very smart... But she often complains when we do something "new" for school (I home-school)... She is a perfectionist and wants to avoid making mistakes at all costs! So if I introduce a "new word" to her spelling words she gets frustrated and says:

- "but I don't know that one!" ... and I answer:

- " Well... of course... of course you don't know that one! Isn't that exciting? you are learning something new! In the beginning it's going to seem odd, weird and sometimes even impossible! But isn't it going to be great when you get it? and then it  just be part of your well known words. Would you rather I repeat day after day: *cat, hat, pat, bat*? No, right? I know you know those! Those are now easy! But at some point they weren't!"

What does that have to do with anything? I know you know what I am trying to tell you! Trim Healthy Mama is a new thing for you! It's not even a "familiar word" but... how awesome is that? It's an opportunity for you to learn something new (to you)... and not only something new... it's something good and something that will soon become part of who you are and you will manage to see it as something easy!

Of course you DON'T HAVE TO learn this plan... It's not indispensable, you could just continue your life without it... I often see posts of ladies that want to be "convinced" that this plan works... Day after day I see ladies on the FB groups trying to explain why this is so good for others! Like trying to convince a kid to eat his veggies! So I am not going to try to convince you! You can see all the amazing testimonies day after day on Facebook ... We are not children anymore... I am responsible for my health and I have my own struggles... Staying or not staying, joining or not joining is completely each individual's personal choice and decision to make. Others get discouraged when the scale doesn't move (been there! TOTALLY, way too often) and when we are down we want to be convinced to stay on plan! Thankfully there are wonderful, encouraging ladies on plan that will try to do that work and convince others... but honestly... if someone has made up their mind to "quit" it's almost unfair to put that "burden" on others to fight for them and somehow try to keep them doing what's good for their health!

 So... I decided to start this new "thing" on my blog and it's called "Paloma's THM Tip of the Week".

Here goes this week's Tip

Read the book and...

Spell it!

Just like with my daughter... whenever there is a new word she freezes and thinks she can not do it! Just yesterday she wanted to write a sentence and use the word "suddenly" and the first thing she did was come and ask me how to write it... I could just answer! It's easier not only for her but also for me... But... I know for a fact that I will not be helping her if every time she has a question I immediately jump and tell her the answer without having her try to think about it for a little bit....

I said: "I know you never write that word but I also know you've seen it before... you know how the letters work... so sound it and you tell me"

She immediately said: "Ok... S-U-D ....." and ... she spelled the whole word she thought she didn't know.

Whenever you go to the FB group and want to ask a question... go ahead! Questions are not only welcome but also encouraged... but if you take my tip... TRUST ME ... you'll be rehearsing those concepts that you think "don't make much sense" but you've ALREADY SEEN THEM in the book, etc... The knowledge is there! Try to apply them for yourself before you ask and you might be pleasantly surprised and actually excited to realize you know more than you give yourself credit for....

Of course ... the first thing is I am assuming you already READ THE BOOK ...

Don't get me wrong... I am not saying don't ask! I am the very first one to help answer a question whenever there's a doubt on the group... I am also the first one to ask if I really can't figure out something! You shouldn't do this by yourself when there are so many wonderful people out there willing to help you... BUT... before you ask someone else... ask yourself if you can "answer your own question" and when you come up with an answer... even if it's a wrong one... then share with the group ... something like "hey... I was wondering if I could have rice with my *S* meal... I think I can't because rice is a grain and it belongs in the *E* meals but I am not sure and I want to confirm"

What a wonderful thing that is! To see mamas trying to apply their knowledge, willing to make mistakes, being teachable because they take their health that seriously.

 Also... I've seen that one of the administrators of the group (Michelle) sometimes challenges the members to figure out what kind of meal she is eating, she posts a picture and everyone chimes in with their response... many get it right, many get it wrong but they are ALL PRACTICING their knowledge and willing to even make a mistake! guess what? Most of the things I know BEST are the result of a mistake I once made and once it got corrected I never got it wrong again!

See? Try for yourself! Make an extra effort... go the extra mile... it will make all of the THM concepts become a part of you THAT MUCH FASTER.

And that's my tip for you today! I hope you take it or let me know your opinion.... I love hearing from you!
More tips to come each Friday! Stay tuned.

© Paloma K.

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Dawn Yoder said...

Oh goodness, that sounds like my daughter too! She is 14...and hasn't outgrown that yet LOL.

Great advice!