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Monday, September 24, 2012

Fall is Here! - School Memories

 Hello friends... Fall has arrived to "The Coffee Shop" I will be working on sharing with you some delicious fall recipes, Thanksgiving ideas (including my whole menu) and everything "Autumn Related" I love fall and I embrace it!... as you can see I started with my blog... and added some fall leaves to the background... I hope you like it!

Now... I will share with you a School Memory... There's a "Fall Challenge" starting today on The SITS Girls and I am taking it, at least for today... we'll see what the rest of the days are like and see if I can combine it with my already planned posts for the season!

Today we are supposed to write some memory of our school years... I will post something about my childhood... although it's been a while ago I still have some fond memories that seem very fresh... Let's see...

I am the first one from left to right... I wasn't the oldest in the picture btw...  I was about 6 there, the rest are some cousins, my sister is the 4th. one from left to right. :)

I started elementary school in the city where I was born, in Mexico, Monterrey, N.L. to be more specific (you have to google images of that city to get a better idea how gorgeous it is!) then we moved to Matamoros, Tamps., a border city (don't google it, please! LOL!) not so gorgeous but still... I have great memories... my sister and I used to go together to elementary school, I am 3 yrs. older than her but I was 4 grades ahead because I started school 1 year earlier than I was supposed to (smart girl! LOL!) anyway... There was this time when we were particularly late, way later than our usual, so my little sister was following me to my classroom instead of going to hers, I asked her why and she said: "Look, it's soo early there's nobody here yet" until she realized there was nobody because everyone was actually in their classroom! That's actually an embarrassing memory! LOL! but yes, we used to be late quite often! My parents are sooo great but my mom was always running to get to work, always kissing us too! So... we were probably late for so many kisses! Better kissed and late than not kissed and early! Am I right?  In school I loved the street vendors that gathered at the gates and by the walls around school during recess and when it was time to go home! I always bought stuff with hot pepper in it... I don't know if there's any kid in Mexico that is not into that stuff! Tamarind with chili powder, mango or watermelon flavored hard candy all covered in chili powder as well, "bolis and chamoys" oh such great stuff that could give anybody an ulcer! I remember holding hands with my bffs during the whole recess or sitting all on the floor in a circle talking about little girls stuff,  I also loved my teachers, they were very encouraging (most of them), I always felt like I was "the most important" kid in school! LOL! very weird... I guess every kid should feel like that! I did have some bad experiences, some kids would pick on me just because I was so tall (I am tall for a Mexican but not really in the USA) I am 5' 7" but I guess I reached that height pretty early... So.. I got picked on... and I was always a gentle giant so... I couldn't even defend myself... my dad had "bodyguards" for me in school though... rougher looking kids that my dad would "hire" to protect his princess... he would "pay them" with candy and treats from those same street vendors... My best memories from school I guess involve my dad... always there for me when the bell rang... I guess that's what made me feel so important too! Looking at his face look for me in the crowd of children made me feel like the luckiest girl ever... -sigh-

How about you? Do you have any good, funny, interesting, remarkable or even scary school memories to share? :) I'd love to hear all about it!

© Paloma K.

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